Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama outsourced US Jobs to China again with his Stimulus program and your money

As I pointed out during the RNC, when Obama and his people accused Ryan of lying in his speech, the main focus being erroneously on Ryan's truthful description of Obama's broken promise to rescue the Janesville plant, the facts were actually much worse for Obama. In fact, Obama not only broke his promise to rescue the plant and keep it open for "100 years", he took their votes, took their union money and he took their jobs and he shipped them to China.

He shipped the jobs to China because they were willing to give desperately needed cash to help Obama restructure GM by building trucks and vans in Jilin China, instead of Janesville. Now, why didn't the Janesville workers have a big chunk of money they could give Obama to outbid the Communist government? Because Obama and his allies in the Democrat Party had made the production of America's most profitable vehicles, trucks, vans and SUVs excessively costly because they claim it damages our atmosphere. This ignores the fact that China shares the same "Earth's atmosphere" with us.

Now we have another example of Obama outsourcing jobs to China to prop up his big government programs. In this case Obama claims evil geniuses in China are beating lazy Americans in the Solar Panel game, because they get unfair subsidies. But Obama used your tax dollars, the Stimulus money to subsidize many solar companies, including half a billion just for Solyndra,...and not just to help it succeed, but to intentionally delay the imminent collapse of the company to project a political image to keep a party in power that you may not agree with. Your money used against you.

And as it turns out, who was subsidizing the Chinese solar panel industry? You were! and it was illegal. But that didn't stop Obama from outsourcing the green jobs he promised would save our economy.

Feds ignore rules and use stimulus cash to buy Chinese solar panels
Government officials blame unfair competition from China for the collapse of solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, but such concerns didn’t stop the federal government from breaking stimulus program rules to use Chinese solar panels atop a federal building housing the offices of a senator, congressman and several agencies.

Even the contractor questioned whether Chinese-made panels could be used under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the stimulus program that mandated use of U.S.-made products. His query in early 2010 was dismissed and the General Services Administration moved forward with using the Chinese panels on the Sen. Paul Simon Federal Building in Carbondale, Ill., records show.

Questions about the panels, which were assembled overseas, were raised in a four-page advisory memo sent by the inspector general to the GSA in the summer of 2011, but the findings take on added significance as government officials increasingly place blame on Chinese subsidies for troubles in the U.S. solar market.

Since last summer, Solyndra LLC and another solar company, Abound Solar, have filed for bankruptcy despite receiving generous federal loan guarantees. After both bankruptcies, government officials were quick to place blame on subsidies from China that allowed foreign solar panel manufactures to sell their products below cost, squeezing U.S. solar companies.

When Obama claimed the green economy would save us from Economic decline by imitating the communists in China,... maybe we should imitate the Chinese by taking things from Obama, like his job. It's the only thing he really cares about.

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