Friday, September 14, 2012

The 7 steps the MSM uses to get Obama off the ropes and make the bad Mitt go away

I was watching some of the lefty journolists working their desperate angle to slow down Romney and derail any momentum he is gaining on foreign policy this week. After a few shows I ended up with Charlie Rose questioning John Dickerson and then David Brooks. Dickerson really followed the now very predictable script that seems to be applied to most every situation where Romney or Ryan seem to get Obama on the ropes.

Examples of being on the ropes would be:

July 12: You didn't build that

July 13: Romney felon

August 8: Romney murders with cancer

Early August: Biden in Chains

Late August at RNC: Ryan lied and lied in speech, especially about Janesville plant

Last week: Jobs report

This week: No Apologies for America

The Jobs report may not fit in to this equation because it was so successfully squashed by the Media under the slobbering love fest that followed the DNC, but the others seem to follow a pattern and Dickerson demonstrated it like he had taken a seminar.

Romney makes a statement or accusation,..... The left hops online to see how its being characterized by conservatives and immediately fear it might get traction. If you doubt the speed with which their reflexive responses to the "radical right", remember how quickly they fired Shirley Sherrod in 2010, just because of a rumor that Glenn Beck had commented, when in fact he had not.

If they think it has legs they:

1. Deny - Obama never said that

2. Accuse - Romney is constantly lying, this only proves it

Then video of You didn't build it emerges, or promising to save Janesville, or State Dept doubles down on previous apology several times in print, i.e. evidence backing up Romney

3. Context - Accuse Romney of being an evil genius that twists others words. Obama may have said THAT, but he meant this really nice thing over here.

Dickerson and Rose both said, "It was clearly not an apology"

4. Romney full of hate - What kind of a truly hate filled man would take Obama's innocent words, which obviously were well meaning, and twist them in to something dirty. Romney must be filled with hate and must be desperate in his cravings for power. Even when Obama's words are black and white, they retreat in to a world of secret metaphors and Junior College English Lit, where words can be jumbled around by understanding what the author was thinking or what we know about his drinking habits. Their defense is a subjective world where your use of facts only proves your fanaticism.

5. Vicious bigotry - In fact Romney is so filled with hate, the only thing a reasonable person could imagine him latching on to that might generate this kind of hate for such a good person, it has to be his race. We know Obama meant well, because he is a good person. We know Romney is bad, because he attacks good people. Obama is qualified to be President solely based on running a great campaign. People who question his qualifications, don't want him to run. What kind of a person would not want a qualified black man to run?

Then a sort of half time show occurs. As more evidence comes out, timelines emerge that slice up the debate in to literally minute by minute recitations of who said what when. "The plant closed this month or that". "Obama did give credit to Americans for building things" "Romney released his statement two hours earlier than he should". Like NFL analysts talking about stats and plays, the pundits focus on the parts of the timeline that bolster their argument. The timelines in print or online, so far have proven Romney correct. So the lefty media avoids the numbers and timelines and begins to pitch at each other lines like, "We all know what he meant" or anecdotal evidence that "Nixon did this when I was a cub reporter". This is the equivalent of Al Gore's, "the debate is over", which really means your numbers are destroying my argument, so STFU!

Then the second half is we know what we know, so lets mop up.

6. Move On - "Romney, why are you dragging this on?"

"My sources in the GOP say he is hurting himself, and they wish he would stop"

"Do you regret your statement"

this means, are winning, please stop this.

7. Romney mind reading and free advice - "Its pretty clear Romney wants to get back to discussing the Marginal Propensity to consume and how it relates to the Consumer Price Index". Hugh Hewitt said pointed out today, the media peddled a new theme saying "Romney had adopted a "softer tone". This means he realized he was wrong, he backed off, which is an admission of guilt. But Romney didn't change his tone, they just made it up, to close the story, so they could raise the flag of victory and run for the weeds.

Dickerson straight out said, "Romney at this point is done with this Apology thing and just wants to get back to the economy". Gee, thanks for the advice. If Dickerson advises you to get back to the economy, it very clearly means the last few days have wounded Obama in a Jimmy Carter way on foreign policy which the left thought they were untouchable on. Not one major Network has mentioned the Mob's chant "Obama, We are all Osama now!"

Based on what I consider a surprisingly nimble Romney campaign, if the MidEast continues to burn or the unrest expands, I can guarantee, Romney and Ryan will fight a two front war, but will ride this Foreign Policy dialogue for as long as they consider it to have traction,...that means right up until the polls close.

Nobody expects the media to allow that to happen. Iran could detonate a nuke next week, and they would still be finding precious broadcast time for medical studies that discuss Metamucil and Youtube videos of dancing beagles. Anything other than the impending Apocolypse and the economic collapse of the most prosperous nation in history.

In the five days following the DNC, the media had succeeded in throwing a cloak of silence over the Romney campaign. Images of him campaigning were backdrops for News Anchors discussing the bounce Obama got, which created a lead in to Obama giving lofty quotes followed by enthusiastic bear hugs from Average American saloon keepers and Michelle's latest recipes. That was 8 days total that Romney and especially Ryan could not get air time if they levitated over the American Legion. If Obama won't give press conferences when Religious radicals storm our embassy, burn it to the ground and kill the staff, Romney knows the media with gritted teeth will cover him taking questions and put it on the News. Wow, taking questions, what a concept. Romney and the MSM agree on one thing, ignoring Romney is a death sentence for him. The above examples of Romney putting Obama on the ropes angers the MSM because they consider it a personal affront to their pre-set plan. They consider it Romney manipulating them to force them to cover things that make them nauseous, such as admitting Romney is right and their favorite son is a fool.

The media would describe my above statement about sticking with this line of attack as exploiting America's foreign policy setbacks for conservative gain. Is it possible that the primary "scoop" is that the Foreign policy setbacks were the result of failed policies of irresponsible and failed leadership. Four years ago, that was the scoop, not a slight of hand that said, let's look away and see who serves to gain from this crisis.

After all, When Obama's Chief of Staff designate said, A crisis is a horrible thing to waste, we heard one thing and the slobbering journolists heard another.

That is their queue to claim, Obama's staff did not say that, you liar, that was out of context, you hate filled bigot, we all agree that is wrong so move on, why cant you drop this, I'm glad you agree that this tired debate is pointless and we should discuss something else. Why are you so obstructionist and divisive when Obama just wants to work with you. ...No, not your knees, I said ankles.

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