Monday, October 9, 2017

Prison culture can teach us a lot about Weinstein, Bill Clinton and how Hillary built her cult of intimidation

Prison culture can teach us a lot about Weinstein, Bill Clinton and how Hillary built her cult of intimidation.

A friend of mine worked in a manufacturing environment where many of the warehouse workers were former inmates or gang members. One of the employees who was a mild mannered black man with a learning disability and partially blind who was not a gang member complained about harrassment. A hispanic gang leader & ex-con would regularly come around and grab his crotch and expose himself to the black man and to others and then laugh. The black man told the HR manager he was quitting because nobody would stand up to him.

Through a lengthy investigation, some interesting points emerged. Testimony of others that was eventually drawn out described a power dynamic that had little to do with sex. They also went out of their way to point out that neither men were gay. They described a prison culture dynamic where the gang leader would roam about engaging in humiliating gestures and then dare the others to complain. The exercise of enforcing the cover up was the goal. The enforcement was the gang leader's means of constructing a pecking order and an air of intimidation that allowed him to use his power to dole out favors and instill discipline in his ranks. It gave him freedom to run the warehouse his way and supercede the power of the warehouse manager. It diminished a respect for the law and for rules and replaced it with a cult of personality.

This is what Hillary Clinton brought to Washington... A Prison yard culture. And it may not be that the sex was intentionally used to create this network of intimidation, but Hillary knew over time that in Arkansas, with State troopers, bimbo eruptions and paid off reporters the discipline to support him AND her was a valuable byproduct.

If one remembers the breaking of the Gennifer Flowers story, the swarming of the war room to schmooze and persuade reporters and the threats, the tapes, and all of it... Stephanopolous and Carville would later admit, Hillary was the real ring leader of this effort. New York elected her to the Senate on sympathy that she was wronged and had to endure the humiliation for so long, when in fact, she thrived on the power and enforcement of discipline the Bimbo eruptions gave her. When you consider Juanita Broaderick's story of how Hillary approached her with that weird look in her eye. That was the look of a prison gang leader that took delight in intimidating the victims and the power rush that came with it.

Several articles today have pointed out that Weinstein thrived on humiliation. I don't doubt he was a pervert and sex predator, but in an industry of power hungry men, the sexual humilation had a synergy with his overall power dynamic.... like the Clintons. He thrived on it.

Nobody since LBJ could intimidate his allies and opponents like the Clintons, so I'm sure Weinstein saw kindred spirits in their 2016 campaign. We were taught during the Anita Hill Clarence Thomas days, that it is not necessary for the victim to file complaints and also the notion that Monica Lewinsky was willing or unwilling is irrelevant. It is the air of intimidation and the disregard for others to be judged on their merits and by rules and laws that counts. Vernon Jordan and an army of wealthy donors were on standby to smuggle bimbos out of town and get them cushy jobs and buy their silence.

Weinstein and men like him revel in flouting the rules. They rejoice when the cult of personality overwhelms the rules and the laws. And like a cancer their lust for a wider realm for power and intimidation invades other industries and in Weinstein's case, the world of journalism and politics. In the case of the Clintons it was first as DA of a small southern state. Then as governor. Then the US.... and when one considers the depravity of the Clinton Global Initiative,... the entire world. Think about why Princes, Emirs, billionaires and entire nations would shower the Clintons with so many gifts and money as Bill flies around the world with an entourage that we know now included bimbos & party animals. And Hillary was always hailed as racking up the most frequent flyer miles. Long after Bill's Lewinsky days had passed, their image as enforcers and intimidators had gone world wide in a way that foreign strongmen could understand. Rules didn't apply. Hillary was one of "them". She could get things done. She could flout the rules and sell influence. She was the prison yard thug that everybody feared. She didn't even have to leave her hotel suite to campaign, she embodied thug life and was going to win.

So in a weird ancient ritual of leadership that goes back tens of thousands of years, when she collapsed on September 11, 2016, the source of her power, intimidation was seen as having been weakened. Her physical vulnerability undercut her political power. And the vigor and boldness of Trump to challenge her and threaten to put her in prison, fit like a perfect puzzle piece in to the appropriate role required to defeat her. It was the prison yard showdown and she was not prepared for it.

So to answer Hillary's question, "What happened?". What happened to a person who entered the national stage in the year of the woman, using sexual harassment as a key part of her allure and then used her knack for intimidation gained through harassing, threatening and rewarding journalists, political allies and the legal system to build a machine so massive that she was assumed to be a slam dunk as the most powerful person on earth, with out even needing to waste time on the formalities of campaigning? What happened was another powerful person called her out to the prison yard and people who had not carefully scrutinized her years of failings, suddenly began to be less intimidated. Coal miners who once had to just accept her abuse, felt free to stand up. Neglected swing state voters got tired of the neglect. Her sycophants were stunned at the notion that some Americans saw her as a bully, but according to recent interviews within her inner circle she was considered a monstrous screaming ball of rage.

The friend of mine who dealt with the harassment case of the blind black employee said there was a lot of push back not to pursue the matter. Don't rock the boat. Corporate said its best to contain the situation, not fire anybody. But many were going to quit and the gang leader was eventually fired. Ironically, my friend and the few that pushed were at first heroes for bringing order and rules back to the warehouse, but eventually were considered do-goodys and forced out. And when we wonder why the Mainstream GOP is expecting the party to not rock the boat, not upset the power structure, we can remember, in a world where rules have been pushed aside for so long, it is hard to drain the swamp and the ones who are "true believers" and do-goodys are considered un-persuadeable and can't be bought. That scares them.

People see a deeper similarity between Weinstein and the Clintons but can't put their finger on it. It is the lawlessness of the party of antifa and the cult of personality. It is the incredible party discipline of the DNC that goes back to the Klan days. It is the hyper reality where hypocrisy in reality means nothing if symbolically it can be argued away. The show is what matters and the little people be damned. It is prison culture intimidation and humiliation of those that don't serve you. Sex itself plays a very small role in it.

Prison culture is the lord of the flies and doesn't belong outside of those walls, but for a quarter century a serial womanizing sexual predator and his power hungry other half used that prison culture intimidation to nearly take over the world. We stopped it. Now they should go put some ice on it. Thats what happened, Hillary.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Good Bye Lord Barack. Welcome to the Post-Olympian age

With Liberals, I continually feel like I'm listening to a child say, "But Mommy, You told me if I ALWAYS do good and be nice, the other kids would love me and I would be number one and I would get everything I want and never face adversity",...

"No child you don't always do good, you are not always nice, not everyone will love you and you will definitely not and should not get everything that you want.... and that doesn't make the world all evil, nor should you hate the whole world for it AND yes, you will face adversity and thats the way life should be. I don't know where you got those ideas from, but it wasn't me and you need to grow up"

No, I hate you!

This last 2 months has to be the most disturbing time I have ever experienced in watching these nutjobs.

Kenneth Minogue wrote in 2003 about a comparison of Christophobia and what he called Olympianism. One of the appeals of Obama to so many morally "exhausted" Low information voters, Lefties and Europeans was their constant groping for a moral superstructure to hang on to that looks like the one that the Dominant media culture keeps pitching them on. Obama was not only going to usher in a post-racial America, he was the One World Citizen in Berlin telling the world that Olympianism had arrived and this obviously is why he received the Nobel Peace Prize just for showing up with the "Good News". Here is Minogue's description of Olympianism:

"....We may define Olympianism as a vision of human betterment
to be achieved on a global scale by forging the peoples of the world
into a single community based on the universal enjoyment of appropriate
human rights. Olympianism is the cast of mind dedicated to this end,
which is believed to correspond to the triumph of reason and community
over superstition and hatred. It is a politico-moral package in which
the modern distinction between morals and politics disappears into the
aspiration for a shared mode of life in which the communal transcends
individual life. To be a moral agent is in these terms to affirm a faith
in a multicultural humanity whose social and economic conditions will
be free from the causes of current misery. Olympianism is thus a complex
long-term vision, and contemporary Western Olympians partake of
different fragments of it.

To be an Olympian is to be entangled in a complex
dialectic involving elitism and egalitarianism. The foundational elitism
of the Olympian lies in self-ascribed rationality, generally picked up
on an academic campus. Egalitarianism involves a formal adherence to
democracy as a rejection of all forms of traditional authority, but with
no commitment to taking any serious notice of what the people actually
think. Olympians instruct mortals, they do not obey them...."

Get that last part? Listen to Obama's farewell and other quotes that explain "what I tried to do", but failed. "We must adhere to reason" "All men ARE Equal" "The best and the brightest" and the war with the bitter clingers (Deplorables) by he and his elite allies. This week he quoted the Declaration of Independence extensively and uses the founding fathers more as an accusation of hypocrisy rather than a reminder of our fidelity to their principles....

"Egalitarianism involves a formal adherence to democracy as a rejection of all forms of traditional authority, but with no commitment to taking any serious notice of what the people actually
think. Olympians instruct mortals, they do not obey them"

So in October the Left demanded we honor our democratic principles and accept the will of the people. The masses are our rulers,... except when the masses do not follow the demands of the Olympians. The Olympians are angry Gods. They now demand war on Russia. Turmoil in the streets. Coup d'etat. Burn it down. Suddenly Michelle is not proud of her country once again. The vulgar masses, the plumbers and the other unclean commoners were docile creatures who the Olympians admired for the contentment we found in our simple lives, happily scurrying about in the low lands, knowing our place and returning for our quadrenniel ceremonial bow to the Elites on Mount Olympus. Now we are creatures that appear outwardly human like, but inside are demoniacally possessed. We are the Zombie apocalypse to them.

The Left has continued to descend further and further into a psychosis fenced in by lies. This is why they are morally exhausted. There comes a point where the ongoing maintenance of their web of lies is a full time job. Watch the nightly news and the fake news that it is and the underlying theme seems to be, why won't Trump and his allies admit they don't deserve this power? Why won't they admit they are illegitimate? How dare the FBI (Obama's FBI for what its worth) get away with appearing to acknowledge that Hillary broke the law many times and got away with it. They are the criminals not her! Why can't the dumb yokels in flyover country not see the coming of the Fourth Reich that I know with 100% certainty is coming on January 21.

This is a religion and it is hallucinating that this is the end times. They are gearing up for some form of war and the Cassus Belli is unimportant. The action is the thing. "1960s" move over, its going to be a bumpy four years!

Obama was the Olympian President and his gracious and generous gift of World Peace and enlightenment has been crippled by heathens. And the heathens are going to pay. Never mind the reasons. Rationality be damned. Peaceful transfer of power be damned.

Welcome to the post-Olympian age!