Thursday, August 30, 2012

Obama sent Janesville jobs to China, but kept the votes

I believe Ryan is setting Obama up on this one and they are taking the bait, hook, line and sinker.

We are going to hear lots of debate about exact dates of when Obama promised what and if the Evil Bush had his blood soaked claws on this closing, but lets look at the reasoning here. The bottom line... Obama did not say, "If you have a government that cares, (and then using his latest 'I care') meaning ME, this plant will be open for 100 years, but not if Bush, the GOP, or take your pick, someone else shuts it down after I get elected, but before I am inaugerated".

Obama's Chicago way and cronyism always implies, I'll do something for you and you do something for me. Obama was telling his audience, You are a swing state, and you are union members and I want your votes and I want your union money, so If I'm President in less than a year, I will PROMISE to keep this plant open, excuses, no blaming, I promise to you people of Janesville. The people of Janesville heard his promises, believed his hope, change and promises and they voted for him and they gave him union money.

When Obama came in to office, he did not say, I know there has been a production slow down or an order to close or whatever, but I will fix this. He just walked away. Actually he did worse than that.

Ryan has pointed out before, Trucks, vans and SUVs are one of America's most popular products, but Obama and his party through regulation and CAFE standards has pushed the Auto Industry away from these vehicles and made it more difficult to produce, and more difficult to employ workers for these products. This is why Obama's so called solution was retool to make green go cart sized cars, which no one wants. Why? Supposedly the atmosphere is damaged by Chevy trucks. So the left gets its way and less of these products are made in the US and in Janesville in particular. Result, No Jobs, Obama gets votes.

So to add insult to injury, what did Obama do? He took over GM and what was the first order of business? GM went to China, cut a deal with the communist Chinese government to make, not environmentally friendly chevy volts that the Chinese would laugh at.... They opened a plant to make trucks and vans!!!!

Now last time I checked,... and who knows how the latest pop science theories Al Gore and Barack Obama are peddling,..., but isn't the atmosphere in Asia the same one we have in North America? Isn't there just one Stratosphere?

So how does it help the environment or help American workers or help Americans for us to outlaw the manufacture of trucks in Wisconsin, so that we can have our former communist enemies in China using what is essentially slave labor to build trucks to drive along the Yangtze? Furthermore, why is it preferably to risk a Kuwaiti oil tanker running aground in the Indian ocean and hurting an African sea bird as opposed to a Minnesota water beetle being endangered by a pipeline from the newly discovered oil fields in the Dakotas, that are larger than Saudi Arabia?

The answer: None of it makes sense, because Obama is not sincere on these matters, which was Ryan's point. Obama made a promise, average middle class workers believed it and gave him what he needed, votes and money, and he threw them under the bus. Nothing new, and to make sure the pattern is complete, when confronted with it, he blames Bush for causing their misery, completely ignoring the fact that he had promised to solve any injury Bush might inflict on them. He broke that promise. Period. He lied.

I am convinced this is a set up by Ryan, because it is a big fat pitch over the plate and Obama's people are swinging wildly at it, forcing the issue to be elevated by his compliant media, at which point Ryan will pull Obama's pants down in front of Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow, which of course will prove Ryan is a racist.

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