Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama's appointed Secretary of Splainin' stuff just accused Romney of running a Racist campaign

In 2008, It was Bill Clinton being called a racist by Obama and his thugs and the former President shot back with venom and anger at Barack Obama for playing the race card.

"I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?"

Well, Why should Mitt Romney have to take that Shit from a disbarred and impeached liar?

In an interview with Bob Shieffer on CBS, Bill Clinton speaking on behalf of the Obama Campaign said:

" I think that the president’s winning," said Clinton, according to a rush transcript. "And winning in the swing states. I think that the Republican super PACs and the Romney campaign combined will outspend the Democrats probably two-and-a-half, three to one from here on in. And I think, this is the only time I can remember when a lot of the national polls are closer than the polls in the so-called swing states. But, according to Clinton, the outcome of the race depends on whether Republicans will play fair.

"But I think you can’t know because of the enormous financial advantage that Citizens United gave to these Republican super PACs and because of the work they have done and will do on Election Day to try to reduce the number of young people, first generation immigrants, and minorities voting," said Clinton. "And they have worked hard at this. They have a theory that if the election, the people who vote in 2012 look more like the 2010 electorate, then the folks that elected the President in the first place in 2008, that if they can get enough of those folks to stay home, they can still win. So that’s why we got to keep working on it."

Clinton provided no evidence for his claims, and Schieffer did not press him, either.

No Evidence.

This is what Obama likes to call "Silly Season".

If this is a planned attack and if it follows Obama's time tested strategy over the years to have surrogates fling racist charges against his opponents, then dare his opponents to respond thus injecting race in to the campaign and in the end Obama then stays above the fray by failing to condemn the racecard, nor deny he even has an opinion. Mission accomplished. In this case, if it is a planned strategy, Obama is essentially calling in America's previous "first African American President" to wage a knife fight against an opponent that Obama can't seem to wound in a fair fight. Obama is hiding behind granny's apron strings.

Let's look at Clinton when he was the racist.

Clinton made a remark during the SC primaries that Jesse Jackson had done well in 84 and 88 so Hillary faced a tough fight. This might have had some factual relevance and even later in interviews, Obama acknowledged that Jesse's experience demographically did lay a significant model for what Obama might expect, but Obama's people called it racist, because they claimed Clinton was trying to trivialize Obama's campaign as the Black candidate,... not unlike when Obama referred to Palin as "lipstick" on Letterman and that she was an "attractive" candidate.

The step three in the time tested Obama racecard strategy was avoid direct accusation and remain above the fray, but Obama slipped up a few times, once calling McCain by name a racist and in this case, when Clinton pal, ABC's George Stephanopolous tried to set the hook on Obama by asking him if, by what Clinton said, was he in fact a racist. Obama said "That's his frame of reference..." So the answer is yes. Clinton is a racist according to Obama.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And more voters, I think, voted for you last
night than voted in the entire Democratic Party in 2004. Before the
votes were finally counted yesterday, President Clinton was asked why
it was taking both Clintons to handle you in South Carolina. Here's
how he responded to our David Wright.
B. CLINTON: Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice in '84 and
'88. And he ran a good campaign, and Senator Obama's run a good
campaign here. He's run a good campaign everywhere.
STEPHANOPOULOS: The implication there is pretty clear: You're
the Jesse Jackson of 2008.
OBAMA: Well, you know, Jesse Jackson ran historic races in 1984
and 1988, and there's no doubt that that set a precedent for African
Americans running for the highest office in the land.
But, you know,
that was 20 years ago, George.
And I think that what we saw in this election was a shift in
South Carolina that I think speaks extraordinarily well, not just for
folks in the South, but all across the country. I think people want
change. I think they want to get beyond some of the racial politics
that, you know, has been so dominant in the past.
We're very encouraged as we go to the February 5th states.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you think President Clinton was engaging in
racial politics there?
OBAMA: Well, you know, I think that that's his frame of
reference was the Jesse Jackson races.
That's when, you know, he was
active and involved and watching what was going to take place in South
Carolina. I think that a lot of South Carolinians looked at it
through a different lens.
And certainly our campaign was confident that if we talked about
the things that people are really trying to deal with on a day-to-day
basis. If we were talking about how to make sure everybody has health
care that they can afford, how people are going to be able to go to
college, making sure that people are able to stay in their homes in
the face of this subprime lending crisis and the larger credit crunch
that we're seeing.
As long as we were focused on those issues, we thought those
would transcend the sort of racial divisions that we've seen in the
STEPHANOPOULOS: But several in the Clinton camp say that it was
your campaign that was playing the race card throughout this primary.
They point to Dick Harpootlian, one of your major supporters in South
Carolina, who said that the Clinton campaign was reminiscent of Lee
They point to the comments of one of your top advisers, Steve
Hildebrand, who said that the Clintons have always put people in a

STEPHANOPOULOS: They look at everything through racial lines,
gender lines, geographic lines. They tend to segment people.
They say that it was your campaign playing the race card.
OBAMA: George, I'm not going to continue sort of the tit-for-
tat. I think that the results yesterday spoke for themselves, that
people wanted to move beyond some of these old arguments, and they
want to look forward to figure out how we pull the country together
and move forward, and that's what we're going to do during the
remainder of this campaign.

Obama will deny that he affirmed Clinton was a racist, but that is his way. When Rush Limbaugh makes a joke about Sandra Fluke asking for funds in order to have sex the equivalent of prostitution,... and mind you Limbaugh is an entertainer and comedian,..suddenly Romney, Bohner, Reince Preibus and all registered Republicans are required to stand before the tribunal and "Distance" themselves from Rush or stand accused of hate crimes. Yet, Obama's official campaign staff, SuperPacs and biggest Donors can say Racist, Islamophobic, Anti-Semitic, and Sexist slurs, as well as slanders about felonies and killing people's wives and Obama not only fails to distance himself from them, he denies they even happened. Obama doesn't have to call someone a racist, just the hint that someone might be branded a witch, is enough to silence them.

Remember this:

The president first addressed claims that his campaign has called Romney a felon, saying, “Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon.”

Mr. President, I'd like to introduce you to someone you've never met, this is Stephanie Cutter, She is deputy campaign manager for your reelection campaign. She admires your leadership skills and ability to manage your subordinates.

Clinton has tossed this race card out before on Obama's behalf and even brought it up in his DNC convention speech when he said:
“If you want every American to vote and you think it’s wrong to change voting procedures just to reduce the turnout of younger, poorer, minority and disabled voters, you should support Barack Obama.”

But this recent case was a much more direct accusation. He referred first to "the Republican super PACs and the Romney campaign combined". Then later he accuses "they". He will defend himself in claiming he accused "Super Pacs" as "they". But this is how Obama played tis cat and mouse game with McCain. He would say, "there are Republicans that will say things and do things because I don't look like the Presidents on the dollar bills. They will try to scare you.." It wasn't until he slipped and used McCain's name that the media briefly remarked on it, and then quickly moved on.

Clinton in 2008:

"No, I think that they played the race card on me," said Clinton, "and we now know from memos from the campaign and everything that they planned to do it all along." Listen to the full interview

"We were talking about South Carolina political history and this was used out of context and twisted for political purposes by the Obama campaign to try to breed resentment elsewhere. And you know, do I regret saying it? No. Do I regret that it was used that way? I certainly do. But you really got to go some to try to portray me as a racist."

After the phone interview, a stray comment of his on the issue was also recorded before he hung up: "I don't think I should take any s*** from anybody on that, do you?"

But outside a Pittsburgh campaign event Tuesday, a reporter asked Clinton what he had meant "when you said the Obama campaign was playing the race card on you?"

Clinton responded: "When did I say that and to whom did I say that?"

"You have mischaracterized it to get another cheap story to divert the American people from the real urgent issues before us, and I choose not to play your games today," Clinton added.

"I said what I said -- you can go back and look at the interview, and if you will be real honest you will also report what the question was and what the answer was. But I'm not helping you."

Clinton did not respond when asked what he meant when he charged that the Obama campaign had a memo in which they said they had planned to play the race card.

Meanwhile, at a Pittsburgh press availability on Tuesday, Obama was asked about Clinton's charge that his campaign had drawn up plans to use "the race card."

"Hold on a second,'' he said. "So former President Clinton dismissed my victory in South Carolina as being similar to Jesse Jackson and he is suggesting that somehow I had something to do with it?"

"You better ask him what he meant by that. I have no idea what he meant. These were words that came out of his mouth. Not words that came out of mine.''

So you said you had a memo, Mr. Clinton that Barack Obama uses the race card and that he planned to use it on you from the beginning of the campaign?

I'd like to hear Romney or Ryan mention that.

"We find it irresponsible and offensive that Barack Obama continues to send out his surrogates to slander myself and my campaign with remarks about my having killed people and committed felonies and then denying the attacks have even taken place. Now he has what he called the "secretary of explaining stuff" for his campaign accusing us of racist attacks with absolutely no evidence of any ill intentions. Considering in 2008, Mr. Clinton described for the American people how he had verifiable proof that Obama had planned to use the race card on him and that it was a cheap story meant to divert the attention of Americans, I am disappointed that Mr. Clinton would let himself be used in such a way and I am saddened we live in a time where the President of our nation, a man who claims he wants to be a model for 100% of the people would continue to run such a dirty campaign. I have faith that the goodness of the American people will grow weary of the politics of personal destruction and seek a more hopeful future where we base our debates on ideas and not divisiveness and hate."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is it possible Obama believes he ended ALL wars on his inaugaration day?

Is it possible Obama believes he ended ALL wars on his inauguration day? ...That he just "Willed" war to cease? ...that like a hippie song from the late 60s that if an enlightened one became the philosopher king, he could just declare peace and it would be so?

I was reading articles from the first month or so of Obama's administration in Spring of 2009 and looking for references to the decision to stop using the term "Global War on Terror" as well as the term "Long War" and I found some incredible ideas being posited by the Left.

It appears the decision to stop using GWOT was as a result of "International human rights groups" like the International Commission of Jurists.

Last month, the International Commission of Jurists urged the Obama administration to drop the phrase "war on terror." The commission said the term had given the Bush administration "spurious justification to a range of human rights and humanitarian law violations," including detention practices and interrogation methods that the International Committee of the Red Cross has described as torture.

John A. Nagl, the former Army officer who helped write the military's latest counterinsurgency field manual, said the phrase "was enormously unfortunate because I think it pulled together disparate organizations and insurgencies."

"Our strategy should be to divide and conquer rather than make of enemies more than they are," said Nagl, now president of the Center for a New American Security, a defense policy think tank in Washington. "We are facing a number of different insurgencies around the globe -- some have local causes, some of them are transnational. Viewing them all through one lens distorts the picture and magnifies the enemy."

That all sounds clever in principle, but consider how Obama has used this theory. The claim that Bush was naive in lumping all groups together being a negative, ignores the idea that this form of asymetric warfare that manifests itself as Global Terror networks is designed for the specific reason to diffuse responsibility, hide in the shadows of a stateless network and make it almost impossible for a high tech nuclear superpower to impose its massive force upon a geographic location with uniformed command structure.

This is another example of the left assuming Bush is an unsophisticated Frat boy with a hidden agenda, so his words are the deceptive propaganda of an unintelligent incompetent. Bush and his staff openly stated, this is a new type of war that is designed to counter the very techniques that terrorism has employed to cripple our forms of defense.

Obama drank the Kool Aid of naivete and believed a far more delusional Hippie belief system. When combined with a cynical political self interest, it became irresistible.

In 2008, Obama claimed his work with Sen. Lugar was the REAL beginning of a long awaited Nuclear disarmament solution. In his mind, Reagan was a piker and only a true peace lover like himself could drive the golden spike in the transcontinental Nuclear Peace train. He believed with his Russian "Reset" button, that he could promise unilateral disarmament and Putin would become a warm and cuddly bear. Remember how the Russian diplomat accepted the button and refused to "diplomatically" laugh along with the fact that the Russian word on the button really meant "Overcharged" or "Overloaded". I asked a Russian friend and he said the term could be assumed to mean "con job" or "rip off". So here is Obama sending his people with a bizarre symbolic prop, messianic expectations, promises to make Nukes extinct,... and the sceptical hosts see the word "Con Job" written on it. How could they react any other way. It would be as if Gorbachev met Reagan in the White House for the first time with a Peace Pipe embossed with the words " Take my promises, and put that in your pipe and smoke it!" Reagan would have done a half hour vaudeville show on that one.

So in Obama's mind the Cold War? He won that! ...You didn't build that.

According to the WAPO and other friendly news outlets of the day, he didn't just dismantle some of the apparatus of Bush's racist war against people of color that was disguised by the term GWOT, he actually ended the "Global War on Terror".

Last week, shortly after being inaugurated, President Barack Obama ended the "global war on terror" (GWOT). Or so The Washington Post reported. The new president countermanded the Bush administration's extralegal approaches by mandating the closure of Guantánamo within a year, outlawing the use of torture in interrogations, and putting the CIA out of the secret prisons business. Obama announced that he wanted to "send an unmistakable signal that our actions in defense of liberty will be as just as our cause."

Sounds good. But the Post's declaration might be just as premature as President George W. Bush's infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech on the USS Lincoln that signaled the "end" of the Iraq War.

So in Obama's mind the Decades long Global Terror war against us? He won that! ...You didn't build that.

If you add up all the American casualties from attacks by Radical Islamic terrorists all the way back to Sirhan Sirhan's killing of RFK and you add them up, they exceed the number of Americans killed on 9/11. And in the minds of the many America hating terrorists and the people that admire their cause, in the long horizon of hate that spans decades, that makes them quite proud. It is even appealing to Westerners of the Hippie persuasion like Lynne Stewart who was imprisoned for assisting World Trade Center Bomber, Abdel Rahman to communicate and remain in charge of his Al Qaeda front group. It is also Appealing to Ramsey Clark and his Answer Network that organized most of the anti-war rallies. Also appealing to Bernadine Dorn, who worked with Lynne Stewart at the Lawyers Guild and is also a friend of Barack Obama.

The message that is so irresistible to both groups is an Oikophobic urge to hate America and envision the American way as the root of all that is wrong with this troubled world and that the moral bounds of civilized society can be bent to accomodate any means to bring the American beast to ruin. They also share a failure to envision the world that will exist if a sudden and total collapse of that American structure of Liberty is destroyed.

They seem to excuse away immoral acts like Jenny's boyfriend Wesley did in "Forest Gump":
Jenny? Things got a little out of hand. It's just this war and that, that lyin' son-of-a-bitch Johnson. I would never hurt you. You know that.

The idea that we base our foreign policy on the song "Imagine" and bow to an "Olympian" model of International bodies that will be more enlightened is delusional at best and almost as primitive as a cargo cult.

Every time Obama or Biden claim that they ended the Iraq War, I can see a slight wink in the eye of the liberal interviewer as if he is looking around to see if a duck is going to fall from the ceiling and say "BullShit".

It doesn't matter that the Surge he opposed and the Genocide he admitted he was willing to accept in Lieu of Bush's victorious strategy were hideously naive notions at best and enabling mass murder at worst. By making a symbolic pullout of all troops when even many Democrats admit a small contingent on a regional base in Iraq would have preserved some of the hard fought sacrifices we had shed blood for. But he needed a symbol.

So in Obama's mind the long Iraq conflict that began when Carter invited Saddam to invade Iran in a vain attempt to overthrow the Ayatollah, the million dead, the resulting war debt that the gulf states held over Saddam's head, the invasion of Kuwait that resulted from that debt, the Shiite terror groups that emerged to counter Saddam, Desert Storm to protect our Saudi allies based on a Carter policy, Desert Storm to regain Kuwait, the simmering cold war and no fly zones with the accompanying terror strategy and bribery network setup by Saddam, the 5 years of war and sacrifice in the face of leftwing obstructions,... all of that... and Obama believes about the Iraq War... He won that! ...You didn't build that.

Now with Afghanistan, he came to office, promised he would charm our allies in to a more vigorous share of the fighting, a Surge of American troops (Wish I would have thought of that), and a promise to pullout all of our troops as soon as the Taliban and Al Qaeda survivors of Obama's scourge agree to wave nicely as we leave.

At the DNC, the mention that he is in the process of bringing our troops home means...

The Afghanistan War....I won that, didn't build that

This all from the man who shot Liberty Valance (OBL).

Better than all these things is the so called Arab Spring. The phrase describes something that does not exist, nor did it ever. He just believed that by stating it existed, it was so.

He compared the Tahrir Square "Twitter" people and the subsequent rulers of Egypt and all the other nations in the Mideast that were going to follow their lead as akin to Martin Luther King, Ghandi and those that tore down the Berlin Wall. Wait I thought the Berlin Wall fell on its own with no help from Reagan or Thatcher? But apparently this regime fell and the Arab Spring began, because Obama showed them the way of peace. They love Obama and so does the whole world.

So changing what Biden referred to as savages, a part of the world where peace was considered impossible, Obama won over the struggle to build a lasting Middle East Peace, ...He won that.... You didn't build that.

They now live like MLK and the Mahatma in the peaceful communes of Kashmir and the Southside of Chicago.

So how is it that the rioters in Cairo carry banners that they hate Obama. How is it that his favorite foreign policy bumper sticker, that he killed OBL is the same thing they put on banner that they hate. Yet, Obama marches his people out to say, they hate a bigoted movie only, we are just misunderstood because of an intolerant person in our midst and it has nothing to do with Obama the liberator, or the constant refrain the week before of "Osama Bin Laden is dead"... "Obama dances on his grave", Obama came, he saw, he put a bullet in Osama's head and then dumped him in the Persian Gulf as crab food".

If the world is all at peace and Obama solved all these issues, what is that I saw briefly on my TV set on Sept. 12, before the Networks got the memo to limit the images of burning buildings and the mention of the daily death count.... or the embargo on images of the 33 nations with Mobs carrying "Obama must die" signs.

Obama said he won the peace, so if the state run media has the urge to deliver what was once called "News" that would run counter to his narrative.

So Obama just declared that there was no war. He had done it before, it worked before, so one last time for old times sake. He sent out Hillary, Carney, Rice and Nuland and they all said, that might have seemed like a series of terror attacks, and I know it seems like its not a coincidence that it happened on Sept 11 and that our Ambassador was one of the Americans killed, but really, it was just a demonstration of civil disobedience that became over exuberant.

So Obama declared it an Occupy movement type event instead of an attack on America and He won that. In fact, King and Ghandi are examples of our finest traditions, organizing, so let them have their fun, try to understand their rage, bury the unfortunate dead and let's move "Forward".

Bill Clinton was not the well seasoned former Yale Hippie some Manhattanites want to believe. He inherited the weird populist dictatorial hucksterism of the region that encompasses southern Arkansas, Northern parsishes of Louisiana and North western Mississipi. The Delta Democrats like Huey P. Long were skilled plutocrats who could charm and press the flesh, but idealistic they were not. It was pure power that made even LBJ tip his hat. That was the real Bill Clinton and the Manhattanites are not his peers, they are his Marks. He could pivot because he knew the Con, the Mark, the setup and the getaway. Obama has none of that. Obama drinks his own bathwater. He believes he is the greatest President of all time and he was convinced of that before he took the oath,...and nothing can change that.

Obama is the first truly Post Modern President. He believes by creating the symbols and illusions of leadership to others, that it is real. He believes other Presidents have been good showmen and that he is their better.
“And that’s important, but, you know, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”

You mean like....ummm... your legendary 2008 campaign story that Clinton called a fairy tale?

Clinton, Jan. 8, 2008: It is wrong that Senator Obama got to go through 15 debates trumpeting his superior judgment and how he had been against the war in every year, enumerating the years, and never got asked one time, not once, well, how could you say that when you said in 2004 you didn’t know how you would have voted on the resolution, you said in 2004 there was no difference between you and George Bush on the war. And you took that speech you’re now running on off your website in 2004. And there’s no difference in your voting record and Hillary’s ever since. Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.

The scary thing is, I really think he believes his own BullShit. God Help Us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama still lying on last weeks Al Qaeda attack and his secret Blind Sheik negotiations that lead to them

State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland lied today when she claimed there have been no recent talks with Morsi's government on releasing the Blind Sheik.

As I have been following this story since before the Sept 11 Embassy attacks, The story of Obama's weird secret dealings with radicals in Egypt is getting creepy on stilts.

Here is the latest. Amidst recent information from White House sources that Obama is negotiating with Egypt (who are in essence acting as a stand in for Al Qaeda on the matter) regarding the release of the Blind Sheik, the State Dept. spokesperson gave a carefully worded response.

“Let me say as clearly as I can, there is no plan to release the Blind Sheik – there is no plan,” Nuland said. “To my knowledge we have not been approached about it recently by any senior Egyptians.”

Consider the careful phrasing:

"There is no plan" No Plan Right Now!!! Does this statement deny negotiations or just that an agreement has not yet been arrived at?

"To My Knowledge" The Secretary or President might have discussed these matters, but me personally, no I have plausible deniability, even though, just like Jay Carney, my job is SUPPOSED to be having that knowledge and sharing it, but in reality my job is to make sure you never find out what we are doing behind that curtain.

"We have not been approached..." They have mentioned it and we contacted them to keep it on the Downlow until after the election.

"Recently" It depends on what you mean by "Recently".

Rep Peter King in June, which seems pretty recent condemned the White House hosting Gammal Islamiya member of Parliament visiting the White House.

Also here.

King noted that last week, Eldin met with senior State Department officials and reportedly requested the transfer of the jailed leader of his group to Egyptian custody.

It would seem that's a pretty "Senior Diplomat" and pretty "recent". Gammal Islamiya is the Blind Sheik's terror organization that bombed the World Trade Center along with 911 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his nephew Ramsi Yousef. Morsi is pleading for Rahman's release primarily on behalf of Gammal Islamiya and their parent organization Al Qaeda. He is also asking for all Gitmo prisoners too.

So Ayman Zawahiri, on behalf of "Al Qaeda Prime" demands Abdel Rahman's release. Osama Bin Laden demanded it. Zawahiri's brother demanded it while at the Cairo riot on 9/11 in the form of a prisoner exchange and peace plan. Rahman himself obviously favors it. Rahman's sons, also at Cairo riot demanded it and warned 2 weeks before riot that the 911 riot was for the purpose of their fathers release. Morsi, leader of Egypt. has asked for Rahman's release and in his campaign promised it would come to pass. The leader of Rahman's terror organization which is officially part of Al Qaeda visited the White House and demanded it. Lastly, the Rahman Brigade in Libya that bombed the Benghazi consulate 5 separate times before it executed a military assault on the compound and murdered 4 Americans including our Ambassador...they clearly want the Blind Sheik released.

All these people working together for the same purpose.

And along with that huge list of monsters who are demanding the WTC93 terrorist, mass murderer and member of Al Qaeda's release, Obama is not only chatting them up about the possibility AND knowing what he knows,.. that they had made these demands, then threatened to attack our embassies for that purpose, gave the date of the attack, Sept. 11 and had previously bombed the consulate in Benghazi,... and then followed through on their threat, and attacked our embassies and in Benghazi what can only be characterized as an Al Qaeda terrorist attack with multiple high value American targets being murdered and their bodies desecrated and dragged through the streets in a manner similar to Fallujah... and the white house implies that a lengthy chat on the phone with Morsi has tidied things up. The notion is outrageous.

Obama had foreknowledge they were coming at the very least and failed to connect the dots. He also sent a message through out his administration that it is more important to conceal threats than spot them and deal with them. This was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack combined with a series of other mixed threat attacks and his Chamberlin-esque negotiations encouraged them and his response to this terror assault is to have a "serious talk" on the phone with Morsi? We have bombed the crap out of people for less. The Problem is Obama is complicit and a major retaliation would send up red flags how much of a fool Obama has been on the ludicrous idea that the Arab Spring itself ever existed. If it ever did it was 8 years ago when Iraqi women with purple fingers said "Thank You America" which may have been destroyed by Obama's anti war movement which gave encouragement to Al Qaeda to bomb mosques, create chaos and buy time for America to grow weary of the whole thing.

It is truly disgusting on par with George Orwell's 1984 to see Jay Carney, Ambassador Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland lie and claim this whole thing is about a movie and only a movie and is not a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda, but a giant flash mob by a group of child like street urchins who Joe Biden once implied are incapable of ever becoming civilized.

But Obama tells them he is like them, "peace loving" and his predecessor deserves their scorn. Remember how the 2008 Obama campaign claimed he would reverse the trend of hatred of America, just by using his "Campaign charm". What sounded so "charming" in 2008 in Berlin became the "Bowing, groveling and 'Bush Bashing' Apology tour of 2009". Well Played, Sir!

I wish I could see who else was in the room on speakerphone with Morsi during that Sept 12 phone call from Obama. I can only imagine how they lunged for the mute button when the muffled chuckles turned to falling down laughter.

They do Love us again, Mr. President... for entertainment value. They are not laughing with us, they are laughing at us.

Stop lying. Put your Big boy pants on and tell the truth. You Blew it!

This can only get worse.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama outsourced US Jobs to China again with his Stimulus program and your money

As I pointed out during the RNC, when Obama and his people accused Ryan of lying in his speech, the main focus being erroneously on Ryan's truthful description of Obama's broken promise to rescue the Janesville plant, the facts were actually much worse for Obama. In fact, Obama not only broke his promise to rescue the plant and keep it open for "100 years", he took their votes, took their union money and he took their jobs and he shipped them to China.

He shipped the jobs to China because they were willing to give desperately needed cash to help Obama restructure GM by building trucks and vans in Jilin China, instead of Janesville. Now, why didn't the Janesville workers have a big chunk of money they could give Obama to outbid the Communist government? Because Obama and his allies in the Democrat Party had made the production of America's most profitable vehicles, trucks, vans and SUVs excessively costly because they claim it damages our atmosphere. This ignores the fact that China shares the same "Earth's atmosphere" with us.

Now we have another example of Obama outsourcing jobs to China to prop up his big government programs. In this case Obama claims evil geniuses in China are beating lazy Americans in the Solar Panel game, because they get unfair subsidies. But Obama used your tax dollars, the Stimulus money to subsidize many solar companies, including half a billion just for Solyndra,...and not just to help it succeed, but to intentionally delay the imminent collapse of the company to project a political image to keep a party in power that you may not agree with. Your money used against you.

And as it turns out, who was subsidizing the Chinese solar panel industry? You were! and it was illegal. But that didn't stop Obama from outsourcing the green jobs he promised would save our economy.

Feds ignore rules and use stimulus cash to buy Chinese solar panels
Government officials blame unfair competition from China for the collapse of solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, but such concerns didn’t stop the federal government from breaking stimulus program rules to use Chinese solar panels atop a federal building housing the offices of a senator, congressman and several agencies.

Even the contractor questioned whether Chinese-made panels could be used under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the stimulus program that mandated use of U.S.-made products. His query in early 2010 was dismissed and the General Services Administration moved forward with using the Chinese panels on the Sen. Paul Simon Federal Building in Carbondale, Ill., records show.

Questions about the panels, which were assembled overseas, were raised in a four-page advisory memo sent by the inspector general to the GSA in the summer of 2011, but the findings take on added significance as government officials increasingly place blame on Chinese subsidies for troubles in the U.S. solar market.

Since last summer, Solyndra LLC and another solar company, Abound Solar, have filed for bankruptcy despite receiving generous federal loan guarantees. After both bankruptcies, government officials were quick to place blame on subsidies from China that allowed foreign solar panel manufactures to sell their products below cost, squeezing U.S. solar companies.

When Obama claimed the green economy would save us from Economic decline by imitating the communists in China,... maybe we should imitate the Chinese by taking things from Obama, like his job. It's the only thing he really cares about.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

After the RNC and the DNC, "Al Qaeda Prime 2.0" now has their coming out party. They're Back!!

We are witnessing the emergence of Al Qaeda Prime 2.0 and with it, an audacious new strategy. The 9/11/12 attacks are part of a grand strategy to further divide the West. A western world at odds with each other over financial uncertainty and worn out by war will now begin a debate over how to deal with a revitalized Al Qaeda and they have a few new weapons. As usual, the weapons are meant to divide us as if we aren't good at doing that to ourselves. The new divider is peace. The revitalized Al Qaeda is planning to make peace offers with one hand, attack with the other and secretly move its headquarters to Egypt. Some in the west will bite on this ploy, but a majority need not fall for it for it to be effective. Just enough to create more strife and burden on an already weary West.

[Update Monday 9-17-2012 9pm EDT: I am rarely surprised the lengths to which Obama will go to cling to power, but it is being reported in more than one place, that Obama IS actually negotiating secretly with Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda linked groups in Egypt for the release of the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdul Rahman. This would be the equivalent of releasing 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Actually worse, considering he would stand on the throne side by side with Ayman Zawahiri to run Al Qaeda as they murder more innocent people. If true, Obama's shame knows no boundaries.]

Two weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks on the Cairo Embassy the Blind Shiek's sons, part of the leadership of Al Qaeda franchise Gamal Islamiya, said in front of the embassy, they were planning a major protest to pressure Obama to release their father. This also happens to be the stated policy of Morsi the leader of Egypt. On the morning of Sept. 11, Zawahiri's brother gave CNN a tour of the area in front of the compound to show how the protest for Rahman's release would be carried out. That is three important individuals who have well known constituencies, all working towards one goal. This explains why Jay Carney is so angry about questions that veer off the party line meme that, "This is just a bunch of child like third world street urchins getting riled up about a stupid movie".

Not even the MSM is swallowing that. They may not shout it, but they know this unfolding crisis is bigger than a movie.

Muhammad al-Zawahiri also made a fake "flag of truce" peace proposal to the west. His proposal was for the west to release all prisoners, including Rahman, and I imagine Ramsi Yousef and he would convince his brother to stop attacking the west. This is a form of "Kitman" which is to lie to Infidels to gain something in the name of God.

The close coordination of Rahman's sons and Zawahiri's brother under the knowing glance of a kindred spirit Morsi, is a whole new strategy. Obama's weakness is closely watched by Al Qaeda. Considering the many franchises, splinter groups and home grown wannabes, Former CIA chief Michael Hayden describes the Zawahiri core Al Qaeda group as "Al Qaeda Prime". On Aug. 5, 2006, Rahman's sons met with AQ Prime and Osama Bin Laden to formally merge with Al Qaeda. It is also being reported that the military style attack in Benghazi was the Al Rahman Brigade. So we have Gamal Islamiya (Rahman's group), an Egyptian Franchise of AQ Prime appearing with Zawahiri's brother, who claims to speak for AQ Prime, in front of the Embassy in Cairo and detailing their plan for that days mob action to CNN. Plus you have a formal video from Ayman Zawahiri, head of AQ Prime, giving the green light. Plus Morsi's oft stated goal and one of his favorite campaign slogans that like the Mob, He promises to bring back the Blind Shiek. Then you have Rahman's group storm Benghazi and murder the Ambassador and the staff.

It's not about a movie. AQ Prime is introducing us to AQ Prime 2.0.

Their new strategy here is create street protests and various attacks, not on US territory in North America, but in their home turf. Create enough chaos that it injects itself in to the American Election storyline. Since they know Obama has been peddling a "Look Away, there is no more war on terror" campaign since day one, he will be forced to pull a temporary fix to quickly tamp down the fires since he doesn't have time to actually change the narrative. The Chicago teachers Union rolled Obama and Rahm in the exact same way. When Obama tells the Russians wait until the Election is over, it is clear, everyone else in the world knows what he means, but many are trying to cement their deals now.

Zawahiri has heard the murmurings since 2010 that the US has reached out to the Taliban for peace talks. This has only encouraged them and completely undermined the surge. This is Zawahiri's attempt to trick Obama in to making slight concessions to Morsi like possibly allowing a hand picked representative to travel with the Red Crescent to visit the Blind Sheik. This would be ignored in the US media, but would be a huge Victory for the Egyptian focused AQ Prime 2.0.

If Obama scoffs at their peace offer, then in the Islamic tradition, it gives them the moral upper hand to declare a new fatwa and burn the embassies to the ground. In this regard, the peace offer carries huge meaning and significance. The AQ Prime 2.0 attacks in both Cairo and Libya are meant to create iron clad legitimacy and urgency for the peace deal and the result is Obama can't win. He has painted himself in to a corner and Romney was right to point out how the apology was not only moronic, but it played right in to Zawahiri's hands.

The Film is, as Mark Steyn called it, nothing more than a MacGuffin, or a plot device. It's simply a marketing device for the Salafists and Obama to latch on to.

Zawahiri planned this long ago. This is his coming out party. Support Gamal Islamiya and the other Salfists in creating a new Islamic party coalition called Al Nour. A Gamal Islamiya politician introduces Morsi to the electorate. Gamal Islamiya creates "Building and Development party" which joins Islamic Bloc Al Nour. They win second mosts seats, 25%. Use them to pressure Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood to play to the fringe. Plan a big spectacle for the 9/11 day that precedes America's presidential campaign. Obama makes "I killed Osama" one of his rallying cries. Morsi makes one of his rallying cries that he will free the Blind Sheik. Two weeks prior to 9/11 send Rahman brothers out to announce rally for their Dad's release scheduled for 9/11 at the embassy. On Sept. 8, have TV preacher Sheik Khaled Abdullah, the TV voice of the Salafists air the Mohamed video and rally the mob to show up for 9/11 rally that has already been scheduled. On 9/11, The head of the Al Nour party attends, Rahmans attend, Zawahiri's brother attends with peace proposal, Morsi makes sure to hold police back, have Rahman Brigade in place in Benghazi with vehicles, missiles and heavy machine guns. Zawahiri releases video that day to give the green light and establish himself as the symbolic head of the United States of Islam, and let the chaos begin.

Then he sits back and watches how Obama handles it and if Romney jumps in. As the American media scramble, the pressure on Obama to slip up intensifies. If Obama blames it on American activities or insensitivities, bingo. Having friction over Israel and Jerusalem in the mix is just icing on the cake. No matter which way Obama turns, AQ prime 2.0 wins and one thing is for sure, Globally outside of the US media bubble, the world knows Zawahiri is running AQ Prime 2.0, it is a revitalized organization, it can rattle Obama, and its locus of attention is now in Egypt, maybe even in the Sinai should they choose, because Morsi is going to play coy and ride this out. AQ Prime has nothing to fear in Egypt.

The movement of Al Qaeda's center to Egypt

Going back to the 1980s Ayman Zawahiri and the Blind Shiek Abdel Rahman represented a western sphere of Islamist Terror and the Afghani affiliated foreign fighters represented an eastern sphere. Picture West Coast rappers and East Coast rappers or the Weather Underground and the SDS. All Hippies for a common cause, occasionally teaming up, but almost always destined to break off in to splinter groups. Remember the Monty Python skit how the Judean People's Front can't stand the People's Front of Judea.

Zawahiri and Rahman were Islamists with the Muslim Brotherhood, who then branched off to splinter groups that assassinated Anwar Sadat for among other things making peace with Israel. It is important to remember that the hatred of Israel takes many forms, but the cover story for the Egyptian terror groups is its afront to Islam. The US tends to think in terms of bigotry, but this is bigotry with a cosmic chaser, which is why the Brotherhood worked so closely with Hitler's crusade to cleanse the earth.

These two Egyptians along with hundreds of others caught in the dragnet that followed Sadat's killing, formed cells in jail. Abdel Rahman formed the Gamal Islamiya and Zawahiri the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. The Blind Shiek's sons and nephews played prominent roles then and now. Zawahiri's brother also supported his brother then and now. Although they had their own terror attacks they would continue to cross paths and that lead them to Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden's group then was the MAK run by Azzam who it is believed was knocked off by OBL. This was the East meets west moment and Zawahiri became closer to OBL than Rahman, so the Blind Shiek went to America, never fully cutting off ties. Both of the Egyptians shared one goal OBL did not. After years of torture and confinement in Egyptian jails Rahman and Zawahiri both longed to depose the Neo-Nasserite strongmen and replace them with Islamist leaders and this was and still is their primary goal. Jihad against the west and the entire world was more an Osama thing, but an acceptable plan B for the Egyptians. Creating the United States of Islam with Jerusalem or Al Qods as Obama likes to call it, as their capital.

That brings us to modern times. Barack Obama has spent years trying to give the Tora Bora treatment to terror. It is a cartoon image of US as Superman or Green lantern and Osama Bin Laden is the sole villain in Gotham city and if you vanquish him by the end of the movie, you sell your weapons, buy a piece of land and live out your days in tranquillity and bliss. Osama Bin Laden is dead and the war has just begun or maybe this is the end of the beginning. Yamamoto masterminded Pearl Harbor and when we shot him down in 1943, we didn't pack up and go home and they surely didn't either.

In the Realm of Islamic radical movements, even in Iran, the west often confuses the political leader or charismatic leader with the religious leader. OBL was the charismatic leader, but Zawahiri was the Khomeini so to speak. When OBL died, the leadership did not change a lot, but the focus on Egypt did. Rahman has been in jail for two decades because of the World Trade Center attack of 1993, but his sons continued to run Gamal Islamiya carrying out the Luxor Massacre in the late 90s. Rahman the Egyptian and Zawahiri are kind of the old gang getting back together. When OBL and Zawahiri formed "Al Qaeda", "The Base", it was intended to be a gang of gangs, like the Mafia families all joining forces, but none of them being forced to fully submit to the center. Rahman's group came back to be closer in 2006 and now they are showing themselves to be very close indeed.

Both groups gain from the arrangement. And Obama's endorsement of the so called "Arab Spring" as akin to Ghandi or Martin Luther King has made it all possible.

And while all of the sights and sounds we heard were entirely Egyptian, we can’t help but hear the echoes of history. Echoes from Germans tearing down a wall, Indonesian students taking to the streets. Ghandi leading his people down the path of justice. As Martin Luther King said in celebrating the birth of a new nation in Ghana, while trying to perfect his own “There is something in the soul that cries out for freedom.” Those were the cries that came from Tarhir Square.

It is a common misconception that the Sunnis and Shias don't mix. Not true. From the beginning the Muslim brotherhood shared a collegial relationship with Ayatollah Khomeini mentor Nafab Savavi who started the Islamist movement in Iran and waged terror campaigns throughout the 1940s. Safavi read Said Qutb's books which were a kind of handbook for the brotherhood and he came to Egypt to attend their meetings. When Morsi went to Iran earlier this month, he wasn't visiting to say Hi. He was gathering advice on how they came to power in 1979 by attacking embassies and he was establishing a relationship before setting the world on fire. A fire that the Iranians would benefit from. It might be considered an alliance, but at the very least it was meant to create an understanding of the benefits of what was about to befall the great Satan, Barack Obama's America.

None of this is surprising and I even wrote about the Blind Sheik and his prominence in Egypt the day before the attacks and how Obama was negotiating to sell them U Boats and give them $1 Billion to buy them. Egypt may not have Nukes, but with U boats, they will soon have an extra delivery method they didn't previously have.

Obama seems to have a weird blind spot for dangerous people. His law career and political career started out with Bernadine Dohrn, who was a prominent lawyer at the ultra radical Lawyers Guild. Her peer at the Far left legal group was Lynne Stewart, who gained her name working with Ramsey Clark, who formed the ANSWER Network, responsible for nearly all of the large Anti-War rallies since 9/11.

They actually formed in an office whose window looked out at the smoke from the still smoldering 9/11 attacks. Their affiliate group in Chicago hosted Obama's famous "Stupid Wars" speech against GWB. It was Lynne Stewart who defended the blind Sheik at the behest of Ramsey Clark and who later betrayed her country by carrying messages from the blind Sheik to his sons who were running Gamal Islamiya, the group that killed our Ambassador. She is now in prison for her sedititious acts, yet she shows no remorse. All of the major leftist groups still support her and protest to get her out, just as Al Qaeda struggles to get the Blind Sheik out. How does Obama end up hanging out with people like this? You don't see Hillary at these rallies? YOu wouldn't see Lieberman or Gore rubbing elbows with Dohrn or Lynne Stewart, but Obama keeps showing up. I'm not making any claims other than that he has a weird blind spot for the most destructive and dangerous people on earth, and yet, he calls Romney and Ryan newcomers to foreign policy, as if he is Kissinger or Jim Baker.

For those that wonder why Zawahiri might prefer to hurt Obama and not Romney, as we learned in 1979, they really don't care who is President. They want them both destroyed. This assumes they can be bargained with or appeased, which is Romney's gripe about Obama. They can't be appeased. What they really want to do is jerk us around and foment chaos. It is hard for westerners to understand, but even in Iran, more chaos is what they want, more war, more conflict. This is their version of Armageddon and the coming of the 12th Imam. More Chaos makes it move faster for them. And exploding Nukes makes it even more chaotic. These people are not interested in Nukes as a deterant. They want to see them blow. I never understood why the Wether Underground, the occupy movement or even the Manson family is so excited to see the framework of society come crashing down, as if they can go home, sleep it off and wake up in the morning with a Latte and a new copy of Worker's daily on the front stoop. What they would actually find is Zombie time but with no kick ass machine guns to save you. These guys plan to wake up to a 5th century version of "Virgins gone Wild". If that's their preference, who am I to judge? Not that theres anything wrong with that.

The RNC had their party in Tampa, Obama had his in Charlotte and now Zawahiri and AQ Prime 2.0 have had their party including TV cameras, fireworks, signs, bonfires and carefully polished video presentations by Zawahiri himself and an Egyptian TV rabble rouser that makes Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews blush.

The attacks on 9/11/2001 eleven years ago proved that a struggle within Islam for the direction of their ideology could drag us in to the mess. We are usually under the impression that we as Americans are driving events and Islam is not in our OODA loop. What Bush did was take back the steering wheel and "drive events" sometimes with unintended consequences, but it was not us hunkered down in the basement waiting for the mob to go away. What John Kerry proposed when he asked that we return to viewing terrorism as a nuisance like prostitution and what Obama's ploy to declare the GWOT over, bring the boys home and slam the media if they cover it... has done is signal to the world, we are willing to let AQ Prime 2.0 drive events, because Obama and the left have successfully worn down the will of the American people to maintain the energy level to remain in the driver seat. And now that the economy has driven us to our knees, if we did have any energy to man the gates before, we don't now.

Churchill once declared after the Battle of El Alemein in Egypt, which was the first real significant trashing of the Nazis that convinced his people they were no longer so close to the abyss, "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." In this 21st century war with Islamic extremists, We have not seen that victory yet and have not hit rock bottom either. This only signals round two and they are on the march, not "on the run" as Obama declared.

This might be more akin to Dunkirk. We have made gains and are now watching them dashed. Whether we are going up or going down, September 11, 2012 signaled the beginning of round two. And as my father told me, "When I was a child and we sat on the rug and listened to the radio about WWII as we studied our maps, we didn't really know if someday we would be in Berlin or if they would someday be marching in Lower Manhattan."

They made it to Manhattan and I won't forget that. I'm not sure what Barack Obama thinks. With blood on the ground now, I do know he is not thinking "Attack".

His slogan is "Forward"? Today it seems more like "Retreat".

Friday, September 14, 2012

The 7 steps the MSM uses to get Obama off the ropes and make the bad Mitt go away

I was watching some of the lefty journolists working their desperate angle to slow down Romney and derail any momentum he is gaining on foreign policy this week. After a few shows I ended up with Charlie Rose questioning John Dickerson and then David Brooks. Dickerson really followed the now very predictable script that seems to be applied to most every situation where Romney or Ryan seem to get Obama on the ropes.

Examples of being on the ropes would be:

July 12: You didn't build that

July 13: Romney felon

August 8: Romney murders with cancer

Early August: Biden in Chains

Late August at RNC: Ryan lied and lied in speech, especially about Janesville plant

Last week: Jobs report

This week: No Apologies for America

The Jobs report may not fit in to this equation because it was so successfully squashed by the Media under the slobbering love fest that followed the DNC, but the others seem to follow a pattern and Dickerson demonstrated it like he had taken a seminar.

Romney makes a statement or accusation,..... The left hops online to see how its being characterized by conservatives and immediately fear it might get traction. If you doubt the speed with which their reflexive responses to the "radical right", remember how quickly they fired Shirley Sherrod in 2010, just because of a rumor that Glenn Beck had commented, when in fact he had not.

If they think it has legs they:

1. Deny - Obama never said that

2. Accuse - Romney is constantly lying, this only proves it

Then video of You didn't build it emerges, or promising to save Janesville, or State Dept doubles down on previous apology several times in print, i.e. evidence backing up Romney

3. Context - Accuse Romney of being an evil genius that twists others words. Obama may have said THAT, but he meant this really nice thing over here.

Dickerson and Rose both said, "It was clearly not an apology"

4. Romney full of hate - What kind of a truly hate filled man would take Obama's innocent words, which obviously were well meaning, and twist them in to something dirty. Romney must be filled with hate and must be desperate in his cravings for power. Even when Obama's words are black and white, they retreat in to a world of secret metaphors and Junior College English Lit, where words can be jumbled around by understanding what the author was thinking or what we know about his drinking habits. Their defense is a subjective world where your use of facts only proves your fanaticism.

5. Vicious bigotry - In fact Romney is so filled with hate, the only thing a reasonable person could imagine him latching on to that might generate this kind of hate for such a good person, it has to be his race. We know Obama meant well, because he is a good person. We know Romney is bad, because he attacks good people. Obama is qualified to be President solely based on running a great campaign. People who question his qualifications, don't want him to run. What kind of a person would not want a qualified black man to run?

Then a sort of half time show occurs. As more evidence comes out, timelines emerge that slice up the debate in to literally minute by minute recitations of who said what when. "The plant closed this month or that". "Obama did give credit to Americans for building things" "Romney released his statement two hours earlier than he should". Like NFL analysts talking about stats and plays, the pundits focus on the parts of the timeline that bolster their argument. The timelines in print or online, so far have proven Romney correct. So the lefty media avoids the numbers and timelines and begins to pitch at each other lines like, "We all know what he meant" or anecdotal evidence that "Nixon did this when I was a cub reporter". This is the equivalent of Al Gore's, "the debate is over", which really means your numbers are destroying my argument, so STFU!

Then the second half is we know what we know, so lets mop up.

6. Move On - "Romney, why are you dragging this on?"

"My sources in the GOP say he is hurting himself, and they wish he would stop"

"Do you regret your statement"

this means, are winning, please stop this.

7. Romney mind reading and free advice - "Its pretty clear Romney wants to get back to discussing the Marginal Propensity to consume and how it relates to the Consumer Price Index". Hugh Hewitt said pointed out today, the media peddled a new theme saying "Romney had adopted a "softer tone". This means he realized he was wrong, he backed off, which is an admission of guilt. But Romney didn't change his tone, they just made it up, to close the story, so they could raise the flag of victory and run for the weeds.

Dickerson straight out said, "Romney at this point is done with this Apology thing and just wants to get back to the economy". Gee, thanks for the advice. If Dickerson advises you to get back to the economy, it very clearly means the last few days have wounded Obama in a Jimmy Carter way on foreign policy which the left thought they were untouchable on. Not one major Network has mentioned the Mob's chant "Obama, We are all Osama now!"

Based on what I consider a surprisingly nimble Romney campaign, if the MidEast continues to burn or the unrest expands, I can guarantee, Romney and Ryan will fight a two front war, but will ride this Foreign Policy dialogue for as long as they consider it to have traction,...that means right up until the polls close.

Nobody expects the media to allow that to happen. Iran could detonate a nuke next week, and they would still be finding precious broadcast time for medical studies that discuss Metamucil and Youtube videos of dancing beagles. Anything other than the impending Apocolypse and the economic collapse of the most prosperous nation in history.

In the five days following the DNC, the media had succeeded in throwing a cloak of silence over the Romney campaign. Images of him campaigning were backdrops for News Anchors discussing the bounce Obama got, which created a lead in to Obama giving lofty quotes followed by enthusiastic bear hugs from Average American saloon keepers and Michelle's latest recipes. That was 8 days total that Romney and especially Ryan could not get air time if they levitated over the American Legion. If Obama won't give press conferences when Religious radicals storm our embassy, burn it to the ground and kill the staff, Romney knows the media with gritted teeth will cover him taking questions and put it on the News. Wow, taking questions, what a concept. Romney and the MSM agree on one thing, ignoring Romney is a death sentence for him. The above examples of Romney putting Obama on the ropes angers the MSM because they consider it a personal affront to their pre-set plan. They consider it Romney manipulating them to force them to cover things that make them nauseous, such as admitting Romney is right and their favorite son is a fool.

The media would describe my above statement about sticking with this line of attack as exploiting America's foreign policy setbacks for conservative gain. Is it possible that the primary "scoop" is that the Foreign policy setbacks were the result of failed policies of irresponsible and failed leadership. Four years ago, that was the scoop, not a slight of hand that said, let's look away and see who serves to gain from this crisis.

After all, When Obama's Chief of Staff designate said, A crisis is a horrible thing to waste, we heard one thing and the slobbering journolists heard another.

That is their queue to claim, Obama's staff did not say that, you liar, that was out of context, you hate filled bigot, we all agree that is wrong so move on, why cant you drop this, I'm glad you agree that this tired debate is pointless and we should discuss something else. Why are you so obstructionist and divisive when Obama just wants to work with you. ...No, not your knees, I said ankles.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama gifting Submarines to the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center

The White House is negotiating with Egypt's new radical government to gift them Submarines.

President Barack Obama’s deputies are negotiating a $1 billion aid package with Egypt’s new Islamist government, even as Egypt’s cash-strapped military revealed that it is trying to buy $1 billion worth of German submarines that could threaten Israel’s fast-growing offshore energy projects.

The German government has pointedly declined to deny the incendiary revelation about Egypt’s request to buy the two submarines.

Instead, the German government offered vague support for Israel, which is facing renewed threats from Iran’s nuclear program and the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt.

The above quote might sound scary, but this revelation is far worse than even this article makes it sound.

The Obama Administration and their friends in the media have a vested interest in downplaying the high hopes they built up when they first developed the "Arab Spring" fairy tale.

These guys are not just radicals, some of the major players in this coalition are of the same group that assassinated Sadat, bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and later joined with Al Qaeda. Others in the leadership are from other unsavory groups that fall under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. But lets focus on the World Trade Center group and how hey diverged from the Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood began in the 1920s and served as the birthplace or facilitator of nearly all the radical terrorist groups in the Middle East today. They had relations with the Grand Mufti Husseini of Jerusalem that worked with Hitler and founded the Palestinian radical groups that would follow. They had a cooperative relationship with Safavi in Iran in the 1940s who was the mentor of Khomeini. Yes, Shiites and Sunnis working together to spread terror, it happens every day. They served as the birthplace of the underground cells that assassinated Anward Sadat. Splinter groups formed in the aftermath of the post Sadat sweeps meant to disrupt their activity. Ayman Zawahiri, helped form Islamic Jihad in Egypt, which would also spawn other groups.

The Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman formed Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya. As the different groups established their territories of interest he went to the US and Zawahiri went to Afghanistan where he would eventually team up with OBL. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 911 mastermind and Al Qaeda operative was financing them and he laid out the master plan of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing for Rahman's men including KSM's nephew, Ramzi Yousef.

Many of these murderous groups develop "political wings" and then they continue to maintain a terrorist militia. Although Rahman is locked up in Supermax, his sons continue to run the organization and about 9 months ago Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya also developed a political group after the so called "Arab Spring" called the "Building and Development Party". Sounds harmless enough. This party joined two other Salafist groups to form the Islamist Bloc. This arrangement is only a matter of months old and already we are selling Subs to these people. The Islamic Bloc won 127 of the total 458 seats in the government. They hold the second most seats to the Muslim Brotherhood's party.

Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, was not only responsible for WTC 93. They have engaged in numerous other vicious terrorist attacks, including, the 1997 Luxor Massacre which targeted mostly western tourists visiting Hatshepsut’s Temple. 62 were killed with many others wounded with gruesome mutilation including disembowelment with machetes. The resultant nosedive in tourism began a steady decline from which Egypt has never recovered.

These are the people we are giving Submarines to. The Obama administration claims that diplomacy and intelligence will keep WMDs and their accompanying delivery systems out of the hands of Iran and anyone that might desire to use them on the US or our allies, including Israel.

When the current government took power, they announced that they will never recognize Israel's right to exist, which to many signals a renewed desire on the part of Egypt to attack its neighbour.

Some might argue that the current makeup of the Egyptian government will not pose a threat, but we really don't know if the Islamic Bloc will be in power sometime soon, nor do we know just how radical the Brotherhood is regarding its desire to deny Israel's right to exist.

Obama has been wrong before. When he was trying to claim credit for a Berlin Wall type outbreak of freedom in the Mid East, he gave a speech the week of the ousting of Mubarek claiming that the new leadership was like MLK or Ghandi. This was oddly reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's staff, especially Andrew Young claiming the Ayatollah Khomeini would rule like a Saint in Iran. That was just weeks before they attacked the Marines protecting our Embassy and held our nation hostage for 444 days. Well Played, Sir!

I can't imagine why Obama would give Submarines to the same people that murdered Americans in the World Trade Center, other than this strange habit he has of punishing our friends and rewarding our enemies. I have a feeling there will be some argument that the only way to get the Egyptians to abide by the decades old Peace Treaty is to shower them with gifts,...never mind they are gifts that could surface off the shores of Staten Island and launch even nuclear artillery shells in to lower Manhattan, let alone missiles. Yes, I know we have ways of tracking subs, but what kind of a defence is that? We should give Khalid Sheik Mohammed a B1 Bomber because we could always shoot hm down?

It is ironic that Zawahiri, Rahman, Osama Bin Laden, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood once shared the goal that their highest priority was to depose despotic tyrants from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and especially Egypt. Zawahiri was from Egypt, he had been jailed there and wanted revenge. Going after the West was merely a way to punish their biggest allies. putting a somewhat friendly replacement in power would be a bonus. They got that. Then having achieved that goal, its time to gather resources, go after Israel, spread Jihad across the globe, and find a way to more efficiently attack the West. But how could that be possible the Muslim brotherhood's leader might have asked as he travelled to visit Ahmedinijahd last week.

Ahmedinijahd has nukes and Egypt has Submarines to deliver them and Barak Obama is perfectly willing to hand over a Billion Dollars to cover the whole deal.

Why,... he might ask?

Our answer is who knows. His answer is who cares.

If anyone had doubts about how dangerous some of these groups are that are now running Egypt, Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya announced that it was joining Al Qaeda in 2006, they sent Rahman's sons to meet Zawahiri and OBL to celebrate the announcement and we are giving them gifts.

Why fly in to the tallest buildings in Manhattan when you can pull a submarine right up and double park along side it?

UPDATE: I posted the above on Sept. 10 and in light of the Sept. 11 attacks in Libya and Cairo, CNN is reporting that the Al Rahman Brigade is behind the carefully calculated attack on these two embassies. This is an alternative name for Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya since it joined with Al Qaeda. This puts Obama in the difficult position of denouncing Rahman's terror wing for killing us and at the same time giving them the 21st century weapons that constitute the nightmare scenario we all fear.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Does Obama think Bush hates black people's hands

Remember how Obama told the story of his first meeting with George W. Bush and how Bush used a squirt of hand sanitizer after shaking his hand? Obama's recount of the meeting in his book "The Audacity of Hope", he implied Bush was a racist that didn't like shaking hands with Black people and that he singled out Obama out of the group of congressmen in the room to be condescending to him.

If Obama didn't say so explicitly, his followers did come out and say the hand sanitizer use was racist. This wasn't the only time the media picked up Obama's racial accusation against Bush and try to extend it. In 2010, after a year of staying out of the spot light Bush travelled to Haiti to help Earthquake Refugees, black ones. The media used a video of Bush patting his hand on Clinton's back and then characterized it as an attempt to wipe off his hand after touching a black person.

It turns out now Obama uses Purell Hand Sanitizer after shaking hands with people according to his former body man, Reggie Love. Does this mean Obama is racist or that he is out of touch, distant, or paranoid and elitist? He might be all of those things, but this fact demonstrates more than that.

It should be noted that Bono, Bob Geldof and numerous other liberals continue to portray Bush's efforts, completely ignored by the MSM, to help Africans and specifically African AIDS sufferers as the greatest effort by far on the issue and even overshadowing Obama's track record. Bill Clinton on Wednesday night, strangely enough complimented Bush's accomplishments with PEPFAR and in the midst of Clinton's claim of cross party understanding and compassion, the Democrats booed.

As I re-read the 2006 account Obama told, I found it a fascinating insight in to Obama's sense of personal animus towards his ideological opponents. According to others, Bush was almost excessively kind to a rookie Senator who weeks before was a small time state legislator. A President of the United States took time out to separate the two off from the other congressmen and offer generous advice meant to help the newcomer and protect him and his family from people of both parties that might mean him harm. And Obama mocked the gesture of kindness, portrayed Bush as a messianic figure drunk on power who had a bizarre sense of humor a condescending tone and a racist paranoia about touching people of African descent. It is sometimes forgotten the incredible attacks President Bush suffered against himself and his family and his way of handling it might be the model of presidential grace in the face of unfair attacks, but when told of Obama's characterization, he seemed shocked and hurt. I think this tells us something about both Bush and Obama and how the Presidency changed them. One man grew to be a larger man and the other became a smaller man than he already was.

When the men first met back in 2006 over breakfast at the White House, things didn't go so well.

Obama recounted the meeting in his book, "Audacity of Hope," recalling Bush's use of hand sanitizer, odd sense of humor and attempt at advice.

Bush wasn't happy with Obama's description of the meeting, expressing his irritation to Bill Sammon, Fox News' Washington Deputy Managing Editor:

The two men shook hands and then, according to Obama, Bush turned to an aide, "who squirted a big dollop of hand sanitizer in the president's hand."

Bush then offered some to Obama, who recalled: "Not wanting to seem unhygienic, I took a squirt."

The president then led Obama off to one side of the room, where Bush said: "I hope you don't mind me giving you a piece of advice."...

"You've got a bright future," Bush said presciently. "Very bright. But I've been in this town awhile and, let me tell you, it can be tough. When you get a lot of attention like you've been getting, people start gunnin' for ya. And it won't necessarily just be coming from my side, you understand. From yours, too. Everybody'll be waiting for you to slip, know what I mean? So watch yourself."...

Obama laughed and even "put my arm around his shoulder as we talked," he recalled, although he added the gesture "might have made many of my friends, not to mention the Secret Service agents in the room, more than a little uneasy."

Despite this display of bonhomie, Obama said the president's demeanor turned downright frightening when he laid out his agenda to the freshly minted lawmakers.

"Suddenly it felt as if somebody in a back room had flipped a switch," Obama wrote. "The president's eyes became fixed; his voice took on the agitated, rapid tone of someone neither accustomed to nor welcoming interruption; his easy affability was replaced by an almost messianic certainty. As I watched my mostly Republican Senate colleagues hang on his every word, I was reminded of the dangerous isolation that power can bring, and appreciated the Founders' wisdom in designating a system to keep power in check."

When I quoted from this passage to Bush during an Oval Office interview, the president seemed irritated to learn he had been taken to task by the senator he once counseled.

I thought I was actually showing some kindness," Bush said indignantly. "And out of that he came with this belief?"

The president added with a bit of a scowl: "He doesn't know me very well."