Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama still lying on last weeks Al Qaeda attack and his secret Blind Sheik negotiations that lead to them

State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland lied today when she claimed there have been no recent talks with Morsi's government on releasing the Blind Sheik.

As I have been following this story since before the Sept 11 Embassy attacks, The story of Obama's weird secret dealings with radicals in Egypt is getting creepy on stilts.

Here is the latest. Amidst recent information from White House sources that Obama is negotiating with Egypt (who are in essence acting as a stand in for Al Qaeda on the matter) regarding the release of the Blind Sheik, the State Dept. spokesperson gave a carefully worded response.

“Let me say as clearly as I can, there is no plan to release the Blind Sheik – there is no plan,” Nuland said. “To my knowledge we have not been approached about it recently by any senior Egyptians.”

Consider the careful phrasing:

"There is no plan" No Plan Right Now!!! Does this statement deny negotiations or just that an agreement has not yet been arrived at?

"To My Knowledge" The Secretary or President might have discussed these matters, but me personally, no I have plausible deniability, even though, just like Jay Carney, my job is SUPPOSED to be having that knowledge and sharing it, but in reality my job is to make sure you never find out what we are doing behind that curtain.

"We have not been approached..." They have mentioned it and we contacted them to keep it on the Downlow until after the election.

"Recently" It depends on what you mean by "Recently".

Rep Peter King in June, which seems pretty recent condemned the White House hosting Gammal Islamiya member of Parliament visiting the White House.

Also here.

King noted that last week, Eldin met with senior State Department officials and reportedly requested the transfer of the jailed leader of his group to Egyptian custody.

It would seem that's a pretty "Senior Diplomat" and pretty "recent". Gammal Islamiya is the Blind Sheik's terror organization that bombed the World Trade Center along with 911 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his nephew Ramsi Yousef. Morsi is pleading for Rahman's release primarily on behalf of Gammal Islamiya and their parent organization Al Qaeda. He is also asking for all Gitmo prisoners too.

So Ayman Zawahiri, on behalf of "Al Qaeda Prime" demands Abdel Rahman's release. Osama Bin Laden demanded it. Zawahiri's brother demanded it while at the Cairo riot on 9/11 in the form of a prisoner exchange and peace plan. Rahman himself obviously favors it. Rahman's sons, also at Cairo riot demanded it and warned 2 weeks before riot that the 911 riot was for the purpose of their fathers release. Morsi, leader of Egypt. has asked for Rahman's release and in his campaign promised it would come to pass. The leader of Rahman's terror organization which is officially part of Al Qaeda visited the White House and demanded it. Lastly, the Rahman Brigade in Libya that bombed the Benghazi consulate 5 separate times before it executed a military assault on the compound and murdered 4 Americans including our Ambassador...they clearly want the Blind Sheik released.

All these people working together for the same purpose.

And along with that huge list of monsters who are demanding the WTC93 terrorist, mass murderer and member of Al Qaeda's release, Obama is not only chatting them up about the possibility AND knowing what he knows,.. that they had made these demands, then threatened to attack our embassies for that purpose, gave the date of the attack, Sept. 11 and had previously bombed the consulate in Benghazi,... and then followed through on their threat, and attacked our embassies and in Benghazi what can only be characterized as an Al Qaeda terrorist attack with multiple high value American targets being murdered and their bodies desecrated and dragged through the streets in a manner similar to Fallujah... and the white house implies that a lengthy chat on the phone with Morsi has tidied things up. The notion is outrageous.

Obama had foreknowledge they were coming at the very least and failed to connect the dots. He also sent a message through out his administration that it is more important to conceal threats than spot them and deal with them. This was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack combined with a series of other mixed threat attacks and his Chamberlin-esque negotiations encouraged them and his response to this terror assault is to have a "serious talk" on the phone with Morsi? We have bombed the crap out of people for less. The Problem is Obama is complicit and a major retaliation would send up red flags how much of a fool Obama has been on the ludicrous idea that the Arab Spring itself ever existed. If it ever did it was 8 years ago when Iraqi women with purple fingers said "Thank You America" which may have been destroyed by Obama's anti war movement which gave encouragement to Al Qaeda to bomb mosques, create chaos and buy time for America to grow weary of the whole thing.

It is truly disgusting on par with George Orwell's 1984 to see Jay Carney, Ambassador Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland lie and claim this whole thing is about a movie and only a movie and is not a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda, but a giant flash mob by a group of child like street urchins who Joe Biden once implied are incapable of ever becoming civilized.

But Obama tells them he is like them, "peace loving" and his predecessor deserves their scorn. Remember how the 2008 Obama campaign claimed he would reverse the trend of hatred of America, just by using his "Campaign charm". What sounded so "charming" in 2008 in Berlin became the "Bowing, groveling and 'Bush Bashing' Apology tour of 2009". Well Played, Sir!

I wish I could see who else was in the room on speakerphone with Morsi during that Sept 12 phone call from Obama. I can only imagine how they lunged for the mute button when the muffled chuckles turned to falling down laughter.

They do Love us again, Mr. President... for entertainment value. They are not laughing with us, they are laughing at us.

Stop lying. Put your Big boy pants on and tell the truth. You Blew it!

This can only get worse.

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