Friday, January 13, 2017

Good Bye Lord Barack. Welcome to the Post-Olympian age

With Liberals, I continually feel like I'm listening to a child say, "But Mommy, You told me if I ALWAYS do good and be nice, the other kids would love me and I would be number one and I would get everything I want and never face adversity",...

"No child you don't always do good, you are not always nice, not everyone will love you and you will definitely not and should not get everything that you want.... and that doesn't make the world all evil, nor should you hate the whole world for it AND yes, you will face adversity and thats the way life should be. I don't know where you got those ideas from, but it wasn't me and you need to grow up"

No, I hate you!

This last 2 months has to be the most disturbing time I have ever experienced in watching these nutjobs.

Kenneth Minogue wrote in 2003 about a comparison of Christophobia and what he called Olympianism. One of the appeals of Obama to so many morally "exhausted" Low information voters, Lefties and Europeans was their constant groping for a moral superstructure to hang on to that looks like the one that the Dominant media culture keeps pitching them on. Obama was not only going to usher in a post-racial America, he was the One World Citizen in Berlin telling the world that Olympianism had arrived and this obviously is why he received the Nobel Peace Prize just for showing up with the "Good News". Here is Minogue's description of Olympianism:

"....We may define Olympianism as a vision of human betterment
to be achieved on a global scale by forging the peoples of the world
into a single community based on the universal enjoyment of appropriate
human rights. Olympianism is the cast of mind dedicated to this end,
which is believed to correspond to the triumph of reason and community
over superstition and hatred. It is a politico-moral package in which
the modern distinction between morals and politics disappears into the
aspiration for a shared mode of life in which the communal transcends
individual life. To be a moral agent is in these terms to affirm a faith
in a multicultural humanity whose social and economic conditions will
be free from the causes of current misery. Olympianism is thus a complex
long-term vision, and contemporary Western Olympians partake of
different fragments of it.

To be an Olympian is to be entangled in a complex
dialectic involving elitism and egalitarianism. The foundational elitism
of the Olympian lies in self-ascribed rationality, generally picked up
on an academic campus. Egalitarianism involves a formal adherence to
democracy as a rejection of all forms of traditional authority, but with
no commitment to taking any serious notice of what the people actually
think. Olympians instruct mortals, they do not obey them...."

Get that last part? Listen to Obama's farewell and other quotes that explain "what I tried to do", but failed. "We must adhere to reason" "All men ARE Equal" "The best and the brightest" and the war with the bitter clingers (Deplorables) by he and his elite allies. This week he quoted the Declaration of Independence extensively and uses the founding fathers more as an accusation of hypocrisy rather than a reminder of our fidelity to their principles....

"Egalitarianism involves a formal adherence to democracy as a rejection of all forms of traditional authority, but with no commitment to taking any serious notice of what the people actually
think. Olympians instruct mortals, they do not obey them"

So in October the Left demanded we honor our democratic principles and accept the will of the people. The masses are our rulers,... except when the masses do not follow the demands of the Olympians. The Olympians are angry Gods. They now demand war on Russia. Turmoil in the streets. Coup d'etat. Burn it down. Suddenly Michelle is not proud of her country once again. The vulgar masses, the plumbers and the other unclean commoners were docile creatures who the Olympians admired for the contentment we found in our simple lives, happily scurrying about in the low lands, knowing our place and returning for our quadrenniel ceremonial bow to the Elites on Mount Olympus. Now we are creatures that appear outwardly human like, but inside are demoniacally possessed. We are the Zombie apocalypse to them.

The Left has continued to descend further and further into a psychosis fenced in by lies. This is why they are morally exhausted. There comes a point where the ongoing maintenance of their web of lies is a full time job. Watch the nightly news and the fake news that it is and the underlying theme seems to be, why won't Trump and his allies admit they don't deserve this power? Why won't they admit they are illegitimate? How dare the FBI (Obama's FBI for what its worth) get away with appearing to acknowledge that Hillary broke the law many times and got away with it. They are the criminals not her! Why can't the dumb yokels in flyover country not see the coming of the Fourth Reich that I know with 100% certainty is coming on January 21.

This is a religion and it is hallucinating that this is the end times. They are gearing up for some form of war and the Cassus Belli is unimportant. The action is the thing. "1960s" move over, its going to be a bumpy four years!

Obama was the Olympian President and his gracious and generous gift of World Peace and enlightenment has been crippled by heathens. And the heathens are going to pay. Never mind the reasons. Rationality be damned. Peaceful transfer of power be damned.

Welcome to the post-Olympian age!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Could Obama be sitting on an HRC Indictment until the moment is right for Biden to ride in to save the party? Is Chauncy the Gardner next in line for the White House?

I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I'm starting to wonder about this one. Bear with me.

I thought Clinton 92 was the weirdest campaign possible, then came Obama 2008. You had the former first lady of an impeached criminal operation, a Senator from North Carolina who was actively dating his campaign staffer while his wife was dying of cancer and the National Enquirer was the only one covering it and doing so with very good evidence, and then Joe Biden the dunce.

Now this campaign with outsiders, Surgeons, Reality show personalities, Libertarians, Socialists, another Bush, and that First Lady again but this time on the verge of a criminal indictment,.... I am wondering if Kanye might actually be running next time, for real. But here is the what if....

Hillary is already starting to distance herself from Obama, and we know this woman scorned never forgives,... nor does the ego maniac Obama. Obama has no legacy, except an invented one. If Hillary starts running against Obama, which she will and Bill will also be running against Obama,... they have enough skeletons on Obama to destroy his legacy and Obama may actually believe, with good reason, that she will wipe clean a lot of his pet projects. If Hillary's criminality begins to trickle out and the drip drip begins to draw bad poll numbers for Obama and damage his legacy,.... why would he care if Biden suceeds him or Hillary. It seems obvious he would prefer a weak ideological Biden over a vindictive ideologue like the Clintons AND all the Clinton Mafia like Sid Vicious and the game who will sweep Obama's pets away.

Biden has no army, he would rely on Valerie Jarret and the other Obamaites. All that being said, is it possible that Biden,... who has wanted to be President more than any Democrat since the 1970s, even more than Dick Gephardt did... who can explain his sitting this out (with Obama standing by his side).

I think its possible Obama sees too much dirt on Hillary, even more than we know and he is waiting with a sword of Damocles over her head, so they run Bernie and Omalley out of town, then trickle out the indictment....reluctantly,...with leaks etc... until she is washed out and Biden is the white knight for Obama and the party.

Yes, this would be weird, but we live in weird times and we know Obama is not the only Democrat that thinks Hillary could damage a lot of Democrats,... Obama being the most powerful of those.

I see this as a very real possibility. There are plenty of MSM folks and Deep State Lefties that would shrug and latch on to it if the gauntlet was thrown down. This could be the equivalent of the biggest plea bargain to avoid jail time, we have ever seen (or not seen - behind closed doors). Rudy Guiliani said this week, He has worked as a prosecutor extensively with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and if Loretta Lynch was handed compelling evidence, it is very likely she would break with the party if need be, and imagine if Obama was the one handing her that evidence. Hillary would be cut loose. Many insiders are saying the amount of resources within the FBI being dedicated to the Hillary matter appears to be a full on investigation. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Chauncy the gardener could be our next President....really!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Two Wolves inside the Soul of America

A Cherokee Legend

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about leadership. "A fight is going on inside the leadership of this country" he said to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One Wolf has a hard heart - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you, me, and inside every other person, even our President".

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

When we ask ourselves if our President brings out the best in our spirit, that inate goodness that exists in the heart of all Americans or if he seeks out those weaknesses and emotions that divide us, we have to wonder, Do we have a President that in his heart of hearts really believes in the goodness and wisdom of the average American, or if he acknowledges it and then uses that good nature against us.

Which wolf have we been feeding?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nancy Reagan's Seance answers Obama's call. Dutch Reagan is still watching over us. Thanks for asking

I was reading through a bunch of 5 year old articles professing the general theme that "Ronald Reagan is Dead once and for all, Finally". They all have a hilarious "Whistling past the graveyard" feel to them. One of them is almost pleading, "When will you just accept Reagan is Dead, ...Please!!!"

Here is one of the better ones:

And so, with a resounding, bone-rattling crash, the conservative era ends. Now the scattered and demoralized armies of the right will turn on each other with such ferocity it will make the brutal opening scene of Gladiator look like a slap fight at a slumber party. It's about to get mercenary in the woodshed.

Who lost conservatism? The first instinct among shell-shocked and infuriated partisans will be to blame anybody but their own faction for this historical repudiation.

I've been hearing these panicky liberals this week saying,"We promised America that Big government works, that we are smart enough to make it work and that it actually makes life better and costs less... and when people had their doubts, we said "scouts honor" ... just pass the bill and "Trust us". "This was our big show. Our Super Bowl. Obamacare was our showcase after half a century, we were going to prove to them that Liberalism works. We bet it all on one toss of the dice..."

Now this Albatross of Obamacare is proving Big Government solutions are inherently flawed. It's proving Obama's people are not as focused on being smart at government as they are at Chicago Way eliminitionist hit jobs. Obamacare is not making lives better it is tossing innocent Americans out on the street and endangering peoples lives. It is not lowering costs and in fact is a lead weight on the economy and more costly for all Americans today and into the future. And as far as trusting Obama and the Left to do what's right and be as transparent and honest as possible? Obama lied, he admits he lied and most of his allies admit he lied, because he was afraid we would not go along with his bonehead plan if he had been honest. In essence his entire Presidency from his first campaign promise to his recent non-apology has been a fraud based not on getting honest votes for honest promises, it has been lying to trick people in to voting for him based on lies about things he never intended to do. He is a fraud and a conman that wouldn't be in office if he had told the truth.

So everything Ronald Reagan told us about Liberals turned out to be true and the American people are looking for other times in our past history when a bumbling President was wallowing in a crappy economy and sending his envoys to Iran in hopes that more talk would fix it all up and make them play nice. Hmmm.

In 2008 in Obama's first press conference after the election he chose to make the widowed former First Lady Nancy Reagan the butt of a joke about seances and contacting the dead President. Five years later, Nancy Reagan called Barack Obama back today to let him know, Ronald Reagan received his call and wanted to leave the current President a message:

"Barack, This is Dutch Reagan. I'm not here right now, but just wanted you to know, my spirit is still watching over the American people and with your great example of failed big government boondoggles, like ObamaCare, Reaganism lives on forever and ever. George and Abe are up here with me watching you pray to get out of this mess and we all agree. Put your faith in the American people, the constitution, stop hatin' on people and remember, when you cheat at golf, you're only cheating yourself. Good luck with the whole Legacy thing."

So President Obama, next time you or Secretary Sebelius watch a computer screen go blank and say "The Obamacare System is not responding at this time" and it seems like there is a ghost in the machine, Listen carefully and you'll a warm voice say, "Well, There you go again".

Monday, November 18, 2013

Obamacare is Vaporware

It is hilarious watching the lefties use GOP 2009 accusations as if they designed them in to their calculus.

They said it wasn't a tax, then they argued before SCOTUS it was.

Ezra Klein et al now give us the "Its not a bug, its a feature" line about we need "Young indestructibles" to sign up for geriatric disease coverage in order to cover old and sick former hippies. It's a transfer payment, just admit it. For 40 years, I've heard people say, how can we pay for the baby boomers when the demographic bulge hits 70. Now we know. Young people will pay directly through what Chief Justice Roberts calls a tax, or they will pay indirectly by way of massive federal debt.

Obama claimed this was all about saving the lives of 40 million uninsured Americans who are dying to be covered, but can't afford it. The truth is, if you subtract the illegal aliens (God Bless em) that Joe Wilson got so agitated about (You lie, Mr President), then the millions who qualify but dont sign up for programs and so on, it comes down to about 8 million. Many of these are the young undestructibes who figured "we don't care, we'll take the risk". Ezra Klein and the gang are saying, "Don't care or not, we'll force you to pay for something you will almost certainly not use". They are admitting this as if it is clever. They are saying these sorry Gen X'rs that we conned in to voting for this are going to pay for the old folks who for the most part already had insurance, but we're going to get them better plans... and then when the old and sick start receiving life sustaining treatment in this transfer payment, we can jack them around every four years with terrifying ads of Paul Ryan pushing them off a cliff.

This was never about limiting the solution to helping the 8 million. It was about ripping the old system apart and building it in to a model that they control... and the control is about political control.

Again, they even admit this one too. Last week on the Sunday shows, the lefties were saying, "Let's face it, these bad plans had to go, and this was from the beginning a plan to wipe out the "Old system" of Health Care, because it didn't work".

Says Who? Apparently over 5 million have been kicked to the curb and are not happy about their little corner of the old system getting blown up. And when the business mandate comes around a majority of Americans are going to ask when the "Whole system needs to be nuked" philosophy came along. Isn't that the root of the Obama lie.

Another switcheroo is the idea that tens of thousands will die if we don't get the 8 million coverage, but now Obama and his staff argue that "It' only about 5% of the population that is getting cancelled right now". What if the GOP said, Its only 8 million back in 2009. 5% is over double the 8 million. "Not a bug, Its a feature..."

In the computer industry, which Obama likes to admit now, "I don't write code",... they have a term called "Vaporware". It has several meanings. One is when a company announces a software package that never actually gets built in order to freeze out competitors with the buzz that they are now the leader in this new area. It is meant to buy time and manipulate the market. There is also the practice of rolling out beta software that they know doesn't work 100%, because the first 95% of the code is easy, but the last 5% will cost more than initial development combined. Then they rely on complaints and reports of technical glitches from guinea pigs in the public to solve the last 5% and by then version 2 is on its way and the negative fallout was handled through press releases and clever public relations professionals. That is what Obama admitted in his response to Chuck Todd this week. This was Vaporware. He was asked if he lied and he said it would work for 98%, and the rest would work out based on the better deals available. He was admitting he knew millions would get screwed, but the rollout would continue, which is the important thing and public reations by a compliant media woud smooth it over and who cares anyway, I didn't come here to be loved by the haters. I'm on a mission to "Fundamentally" blah blah. Never mind that this is not about a PC locking up because of a glitch from Vaporware, it is people dying. Or that old grandma he wanted to give a painpill to, rather than an expensive lifesaving treatment. Glitch indeed.

It is amazing the delusion. Today Cynthia Parker and David Gregory were comparing this to Iraq, "Except Iraq was about Life and Death and this is not". Say what? With the all the due respect to our soldiers, there were 4000 dead over 5 years? As Klein estimates above 20k per year for lack of coverage and we haven't even gotten started with the detonation of this tower of Babel. People will die at a rate far higher than Iraq, but they will die in a less dramatic fashion in quiet neglected places thanks to Obama and David Gregory.

Another delusion was Bob Woodward on FNS saying this is not a scandal like Watergate or Lewinsky, because Obama meant well and was trying to do something good? Oh Really? You actually believe that Mr. Hard nosed journalist demigod?

At the worst what was Nixon trying to do if he even knew about the breakin? He wanted to win an election and was willing to deceive Americans and cover up wrong doing,.... Why? ... because he wanted to do so many good things, Mr. Woodward, right? Just like Obama he had benevolent plans for the next 4 years, If Nixon even knew about this in his first term.

On the other hand, Obama meant well? Really? He wanted to give coverage to the 8 million? No, we've already established that. He had a massive secret plan that he lied about and he lied to win an election, just as Nixon wanted to win. We have no proof Nixon was trying to conceal a Benghazi or "You can keep your policy" scam, but we have proof Obama was lying to win an election based on fraud.

When Obama was riding high last month after the end of the Shut Down he spiked the football and said, "If you want to do something in this town win an election!" This was his now familiar trash talking about "I won, so stick it". He has said many times, the people wanted this and the proof is my re-election, as if Obamacare was the pivotal issue. It was barely mentioned, because Romney ran away from it. Yet, Obama claimed it was a mandate on Obamacare? Obamacare that was never meant to be, because we now know, he was lying about Obamacare. So, if 2012 was as he spikingly says was a stamp of approval on propelling him back in office, then the fact that he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania is a fraud based on a massive lie. His measuring stick, not ours.

When Rev. Wright said Obama is willing to lie to get elected, he was right. He lied to get in and he lied to stay in and he delayed the roll out until after re-election and nooowww....

"......America's Chickens.......have come Roost!!"

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Circular Logic of Obama-ism

From the very beginning of Barack Obama's introduction to the American people, there have been weird responses and defenses to the usual responsible questions we use to vet our potential leaders. The strange thing is these strange circular responses continue now and when the responder is forced by logic to return to the beginning of the circle, they realize they are in an embarrassing box and their immediate reaction is an emotional attack from an undeserving victim.

Here are some examples.

Question: What experience and background does this man have to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth at one of the most dangerous and consequential times in our history?

Response: He stands for hope and change. He represents new ideas. He understands how badly the worst President in the history of the world has damaged our country and everybody agrees its time for change.

Question:But what specifically does he have that makes him the best choice out of 300 million people.

Response: Well, he ran a historic campaign in the primaries and nobody expected him to win.

Question:Why historic?

Response: He was running against the establishment. He was smart enough to prove everybody wrong and overcome the ignorance and opposition. His book the Audacity of Hope says it all. It all comes down to his unique narrative.

What exactly does that mean? Ignorant opposition and his "Unique Narrative"? I don't fully understand your euphemisms.

Response: You just don't get it. Its a new world. Get with the program.

Question: Its just confusing. You seem to be saying he is qualified for an office he is running for, simply because he runs for that office better than the expectations of some imaginary group.

Response: Are you a racist or something?

I'm sorry. I'll be quiet now.

Here is another line of thought or shall I say circle.

Question: Why is Obama claiming opposition to his foreign policy is immoral.

Response: The Syrians have chemical weapons and they used them on their own people. Do you have no shame?

Question: How do you know this and why does that make ME immoral?

Response: You just have to trust the President on WMD, he has intelligence reports. It would be immoral not to get involved in the civil war if millions will die by WMD.

Question: He claims 1000 have died by WMD if you trust his intel, yet he proposes no action based on the 120,000 others that have died by conventional means. No one has mentioned millions.

Response: If we don't act there could be a domino based on our failure to stand up for justice. What do you mean trust his intel? He is not some Cowboy Bush. He recognizes the mistake in bombing people in the mideast for dumb reasons like sketchy claims that they have WMD or that they associate with terrorists. Middle Eastern civil wars are their problem. This is the main reason Bush is the worst President ever and Obama would never do that. You should trust Obama because he doesn't lie about surveilance programs that spy on Americans and mainly because he cares about people and Bush only cared about making he and his secret oil buddies rich off the oil.

Question: Bush lives in a modest Suburban home in North Dallas and is nowhere as rich as Barack Obama who earned millions of dollars in office. Bush never got rich on oil from Iraq. Is that the basis of your saying that Bush waged war not because he cared, but for his own personal gain, but you know Obama does not pursue policies for his own benefit? Obama could have acted on the Chemical warfare reports in 2012, during the campaign in 2012, but he did not. Was that for his own personal benefit or because he cared more than Bush? That crucial delay allowed Al Qaeda to move in and fill a leadership void in the rebel opposition. Now he wants us to give weapons to Al Qaeda? I'm sure Bush would have been criticized for that?

Response: Part of Obama's advantage over his Democrat opponents in 2008 is he opposed the Iraq war early on. We warned the GOP if they did not pull out before the Surge and just let nature take its course, they would lose the confidence of the American people. Obama drove that point home and it proved the immorality of their party and why we are the good guys. What you don't understand is Obama's drone policy and other security measures are not the problem, it was a matter of whether you could trust the man who carried out those policies. America could not trust Bush and found out he was a bad if not the worst President and now they realize Obama is the best ever.

Question: So Obama is the best of 44 Presidents, because he opposed his predecessors policies, but its OK if he mimics those policies, because the policies themselves are not bad, just the trustworthiness of the leadership that follows those policies, yet the trustworthiness is based on the policies themselves? Now you are asking us to follow Obama in to Syria merely on trust and yet he is rewarding Iran with one on one dialogue with no preconditions, but won't speak to his own House of Representatives because he says they are terrorists for asking for a delay in Obamacare based solely on the concept that only a crazy person would claim that Obamacare shoud be delayed, yet he asked for a corporate delay and now his own party asks for one. How does that make sense?

Response: The GOP are concern trolls. They don't care. Obama asked for a delay to fix problems created by the ignorant opposition. The GOP know Obamacare will work and want to delay it to destroy it. They don't really think it will fail on its own.

Question: Don't you feel uncomfortable that Obama lied?

Response: He didn't lie. It's only a lie if you know its a lie. He assumed the American people were not so dumb that they would want to keep a sub standard plan. When he said you could keep your plan if you like it, but he just hasn't had the chance to explain why the plan you are being forced in to is better and that you will like it. You can keep the plan that you like and when he is done with you, you will like it. So thats not a lie. There are a lot of bad people that want to sabotage this great program and they are trying to make it not work. Its no surprise. He is a good person and the very fact that he is being accused of lying is proof that his ignorant opposition doesn't appreciate his unique narrative.

There is that unique Narrative again. What does that mean

It means we need to spy on Tea Partiers, use the IRS to inimidate people that don't vote right, shut down companies that fund Obama's opponents, censor Fox News and talk radio, disarm the populace, nationalize Catholic schools and make them pay for abortions, hide our inner workings whenever possible, threaten the press if they get to close to the truth, manipulate voting practices to ensure people who vote correctly get a first and second crack at the polling places and Crush the ignorant opposition wherever possible in order to force permanent and fundamental change in America forever, whether you like it or not. .. Oh, and also... you are a racist

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is Obama a Liar or a Moron? The Liberal defense

From Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times today:

"All we've been hearing the last three years is if you like your policy you can keep it.... I'm infuriated because I was lied to," one woman told this newspaper, as part of a story on how some middle-class Californians have been stunned to learn the real costs of Obamacare.

And that lie looks like the biggest lie about domestic policy ever uttered by a U.S. president.

The most famous presidential lies have to do with misconduct (Richard Nixon's "I am not a crook" or Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations") or war. Woodrow Wilson campaigned on the slogan "He kept us out of war" and then plunged us into a calamitous war. Franklin D. Roosevelt made a similar vow. "I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars."

The Great Debate of the Obama Era? Is he a liar or simply a moron?

Honestly...this is what they are using as a defense now. Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, he asked Joe Scarborough what the buzz is amongst the liberal insiders and he responded by saying he asked friends in the Left Wing Media what the spin is and Scarborough said there is none. This is astonishing because on every conceivable failure imaginable, they have a hand wringing storyline of explanations that range from blaming Bush to executive privilege, but they have no line of B.S. to cover up this time. The experts of B.S. are speechless?

The latest question has been, "What did the President know and when did he know it?" After 5 years of work, Obama's supporters can not name a significant achievement except for Obamacare. Now that we are learning millions of Americans that want to keep their plan are being dumped from their plan because of Obamacare, people want to know if they were lied to, hoodwinked, stabbed in the back. So we have pundits insisting on prosecutorial certitude that Obama did or didn't knowingly lie otherwise they offer him presumed innocence. What they are demanding is a blue dress or a tape of Obama saying, "I know we said you can keep your plan and that premiums will go down, but once the bill is passed, we will modify it in to what ever we want and if it means lying to the American people, so be it". So when Jay Carney and others say, "He didn't know", the alternative view emerges that he must be disengaged and not in control of the massive government he swore would take care of us all.

The New York Times and others are calling him the "Bystander President":

As a practical matter, no president can be aware of everything going on in the sprawling government he theoretically manages. But as a matter of politics, Mr. Obama’s plea of ignorance may do less to deflect blame than to prompt new questions about just how much in charge he really is.

So in essence, you have two choices, Our President lied or he is a moron. And Obama's supporters think that the doubt that exists between these two options is somehow a defense. If critics can't be sure if he is a liar or a moron, then he enjoys presumed innocence.

Last night, Bill O'Reilly posited Obama must not have known about the millions that would be cancelled, because he would have wanted his signature plan to succeed. That idea may be giving Obama more credit than he deserves. It relies on a number of assumptions that he is compassionate to all Americans wants and needs and that he is very skilled. Let's consider the implications of his not knowing. This means there is a massive conspiracy of Democrats in his administration who knowing, as we all do, that his most famous selling point was, "If you like your plan, You keep it" was a promise Obama wanted to keep, that they decided to do the opposite. If let's say Sebelius decided to secretly do the opposite, she would have to give out orders to other Democrats on her staff to do so, and they would all immediately say, "But this will make the President a liar, does he know we are doing this? It will make him look like a fool. Its not what he wants. It might even be illegal to make up these rule changes without his approval". They would either have to be convinced by her to go along with the conspiracy or leak it to the press that there is a rogue element in the administration that is endangering his most cherished program and trying to countermand his most sincere promise. Is that believable? A conspiracy of Democrats taking control against his will to make Obamacare even more intrusive and restrictive? No administration in history is more aware of its own inner workings than this one. They created an elaborate sting operation in the West Wing to smoke out an NSA tweeter, for God's sake. His inner circle can't make a trip to the bathroom without discussing the political ramifications of it.

So there is the possibility that Obama knew, that he lied AND that he is a moron about how the reaction would be out of his control. They call that vanity.

The debate then on the other side has been if he did lie, is this just Politics as Obama sychophant Clarence Page has said. Everyone does it? This was Obama's no new taxes pledge. You make a bold promise, so big and so out there, that if you were to break it, it would mean the end of your career. In the case of George H. W. Bush, the Democrats talked him in to breaking it, then gleefully portrayed him as a liar and he lost. What kind of "Lie" was this? or broken promise? He made a pledge, but broke it at the behest of the Democrats in order to "compromise" (Remember when Presidents did that) in order to get spending caps that would reduce the deficit and stimulate the economy well in to his second term. But he lost, so Clinton was the one that was forced to live under those deficit reduction spending caps. Too bad for him, but good for conservatives that wanted a balanced budget. So Bush 41 sacrificed himself and his career to find middle ground with his opponents for the good of the American people. The Democrats used it to their advantage to gain power.

Clinton's biggest lie? "I did not have sex with that woman" It may not have been about his signature legislation, but it surely wasn't for the good of mankind,... it was for the good of his own personal benefit and at the expense of the American people.

George W. Bush was said to have lied over WMDs. Now that the fever swamp has chilled a bit, the evidence of his lying has been in doubt. In Bush's speeches in the weeks before the Iraq War, especially his speech to the nation, he laid out numerous reasons for military action not just WMD. But even if you assume the most stringent of standards, why would he lie and what was to be gained? The meme at the time was he wanted to get rich on oil revenues for his own personal benefit. It must not have worked, because he lives in a fairly modest suburban tract home in North Dallas. In reality, Bush believed Saddam had the capability, the motive and the will to threaten American lives on a massive scale. As the Duellfer report and all the others demonstrated, Saddam was fighting for survival everyday and going on offense was his way. As Tariq Aziz testified in the report, the key was the delivery vehicles acquired in opposition to the sanctions. Aziz described how with the illegal missiles, they could "cook" bio/chem cultures and have them ready for placement in warheads in 72 hours. Saddam never gave up and never would give up a trump card for Iranian invasion. Bush attacked Iraq for several reasons, but he did it for what he believed was for the best interest and security of the American people. One has to prove he knew the WMD rationale was false and that he knew he was misleading on WMDs in order to consider it a lie. Was it a mistake? Did he mis-underestimate the amount of significant WMD stockpiles in Iraq? WHo knows, but was that a lie? And who would have benefited from such a lie if he knowingly misled on the matter? Was it for his personal benefit? No.

Now consider Obama's lie. He claimed there was a crisis of 50 million suffering people who are dying without healthcare and government was the solution. In fact the number of uninsured who could not attain it because of financial status was about 8 million and of those, about half were what we call "Young Invincibles". We were told Obamacare would pay for its self because it would be so efficient and with the help of taxing the rich, we would make money. Now we are told if the young invincibles, who don't use the product, don't pay in, the system fails. So its a transfer payment. Young healthy people paying for aging hippies.

Obama made promises that he knew he would not keep. He tried to garner support from independents for Obama Care by portraying it as not as intrusive as he truly intended it to be. When he said you can keep your policy, what he was thinking was, "I really don't care what you want because you are stupid and I know best". We know that, because administration defenders are in essence saying so now. They claim that of the 16 million (and growing) that are being kicked off their policies, that they will be given better policies that do cost more, but are better and they will be given subsidies which will make them dependent on political whims for now and forever to powerful people they may not like. So the lie is you don't get what YOU want, but you are too dumb to know whats best for you. The other meme is your new policy is better and you won't realize it until you get sick and need it. You are too stupid. Obama he smart.

The promise was one product, the actual bill was not what you were told, the law after being passed was manipulated with exemptions, modifications and parts they just chose not to enforce. Now people are losing their insurance. And why the lie? He lied because the program he wanted was a program that he already knew could not pass and could not garner support of the majority of Americans. But he wanted it and that's all that mattered, not the will of the people. Polls have never supported Obamacare. He lied not just for personal gain, its worse than that. He lied to establish a self perpetuating power system that would deliver votes and slush funds in the future and provide a carrot and stick engine that could be used to manipulate the people to advance his leftist agenda. As he has portrayed the Tea Party as a small cadre of ideologically driven radicals trying to force the rest of America to live under its rules, he is just angry to have competition for his own small radical cadre. He likes to portray himself as the personifaction of the public's will, but with only a 41% approval rating and that one based on promises he never intended to keep, the image of what Obama convinced people would be a wonder world will always be more popular than the world he actually delivered. But what you think of Obama is not important to him unless it serves him. Whether he is a liar or a moron or both, his lie was not to save anybody or serve the American people, it was a moronic lie to perpetuate Tyranny.

Tyranny is so alien to most Americans that to witness its emergence is a black swan event. We are so unprepared for such a blatant betrayal, it is hard to comprehend. Obama's attitude at this point is I won't be running again, so they have to just take it. They have to take the bitch slap and deal with it and they'll get over it and the media is on my side anyway. We will see how far the American people will go and how much lying they'll tolerate. This lie is a major turning point. Will people call it what it is or just put some ice on it and rollover. We'll see.