Monday, October 1, 2012

Tag Cloud of 100 Reasons to vote against Obama

Here is a word cloud from Hugh Hewitt's 100 reasons to vote against President Obama for Mitt Romney. at Tribble News.

accept act administration admit adversaries agree allies american answer anything appeasement appointments arguments arms associated attack attempts bain barack begin behave behind believes bipartisan blames board boeing bows budget bush catholic century challenges change character china chinese church coal companies congress cost country create crushing cut czech dead deal debt defend defense deficit democrats department dollars don done either elected embarrassed enemy epa example extraordinary extreme f22 fast fighter fund furious future gave generous george gibbs gibson gitmo give given going government growing guitars gulf health hesitated house huge inauguration india indication institute invested ipab iranian iraq islamic israel jobs justice knows law life likes marines market massachusetts medical medicare million mission mitt money month movement national navy needs netanyahu nothing notice nuclear obama obamacare olympics opposition partisan passed paul peace people plant poland policy politics power president press pressure prize problems programs progress provide public questions raised real recent reform refused regulation relations remove republic republicans responsibility result revolution romney rule ryan secretary ships signs single slash social solyndra stadium states straw street support suppressed system taken takes taxes tells tens terrorist thousands throat toward trial trillion truth unconstitutional united vote wants war wastes white won world years yes
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