Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obama,... Does the truth really hurt?

I find it hilarious that it's been 3 weeks since the 47% remark emerged as the MSM's excuse for a hard news prism by which to view this race. I watch all the Network News broadcast nightly news everyday and for 21 days at least one and usually all of them have had a story about the 47% with the accompanying video. Scott Pelley, erroneously asked Romney in an exclusive interview at the opening of his broadcast that Romney had said "He does not care" about 47% of Americans. Talk about someone having to deal with a bald faced lie, right in your eye.

The key element of the 47% and Obama's Epic Debate Fail is what does it reveal about the candidate and the race. The MSM want you to believe that Romney hates the poor and underprivileged and that he is careful not to reveal his secret agenda to kill them or let them die of cancer. This video "unveils" the "Hidden agenda" as they called Reagan's secret plot against the poor. It is clear Romney says the people he listed in his 47% remarks will vote for Obama regardless so he can't "worry" about them regarding their voting for him and he will never convince them to vote for him. Does that mean he does not care if they die of cancer just because he can not convince them to vote for him? If black people again vote at a 95% rate for Obama again, should Romney spend a majority of his time and funds on a campaign targeting African Americans? Does that mean he doesn't care about them or that he is racist? So what does the 47% remark reveal about Romney, a man we are told for 20 years spends between 10 and 20 hours per week "personally" helping families of dying children, poverty stricken families and individuals suffering from substance abuse. Never mind the more than one quarter of his income he donates to charity. So what does the 47% reveal about this man?

Now let's look at Obama's debate performance. Nobody denies Obama failed to give a good performance. Some admit he lost, most consider it abysmal, maybe the worst of any sitting President. Romney's 47% was a hidden camera remark nearly 6 months ago during the primaries and Obama's 90 minute performance was abundant, wide ranging, very public and should be considered a candidates most prepared for event, yet he could hardly put two words together. When he described his own Healthcare bill, his signature legislation, he mumbled and stammered and seemed to be confused about what it really meant. He seemed unprepared to speak extemporaneously about topics he claims to be the world authority on. When Romney took Obama's attacks, such as the oil industry subsidies of $2 Billion as ways to cut spending and Romney counter attacked by pointing out Obama's failed $90 billion energy subsidies to bundlers and cronies that went down the tubes, he just stared like the proverbial deer in the headlights.

Did the media portray this performance as "revealing" proof of what conservatives have said about him for 8 years, that he is inexperienced, naive, dependent on his handlers and his teleprompter and unable to respond when questioned about the validity of his poorly explained ideas? Even though it did demonstrate he is as Mitt Romney has been saying "In over his head", the media did not say that. Instead they proved Mitt Romney's words to be true, by contorting themselves in ways that are so ridiculous and far fetched, that the only answer must be the scary truth that the Emperor has no clothes. Was it the true Obama, who has never been talked to like this in his life that was fumbling around on the floor or was it the high altitude, the moderator, the debate prep team run by the French looking John F. Kerry, his anniversary, his lack of time since he never focuses on his campaign and spends too much time meeting with foreign dignitaries, too much zanax, he's just too nice, Republican racism forces him to be too nice so he can't come across as an angry black man, a big thud in the back of the room distracted him, Romney's cheat sheet distracted him,... or as Paul Krugman says, he has difficulty when faced with an untruth in a town swimming in untruths, so much so that he folds like a lawn chair when faced with one.

So a single sentence by Romney in a hidden video about which demographic he will spend time campaigning on that was twisted to convey he wants you dead gets 21 straight days of "This represents the true Romney".... but Obama swan dives off the podium and nearly starts foaming at the mouth and the media can't stop spitting out "un-truths" to convey "What are you going to believe ME? ... or your lying eyes? Was Obama's stumbling blatherings the real and unscripted man or was his first chance ever to face tough questions in public just a strange coincidental atmospheric anomaly?

For what its worth CBS Nightly News opened tonight's wrap up of the Sunday morning talk shows by saying, "..and nearly a WEEK later, they are STILL talking about the debate....". I did the math. As of the end of debate coverage the night of the debate to the filming of today's morning talk shows, 78 hours had past. About 3 days. Yet to the Liberal media, it seems like a lifetime.

The Truth most definitely does hurt.

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