Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obama's earpiece and wireless transmitter failed during debate

As the mainstream media discuss theories of what happened in last nights debate, I think a very clear explanation is obvious. President Obama's wireless transmitter and earpiece that allow him to receive answers from his handlers was malfunctioning during the debate. Furthermore, It is quite clear who caused the malfunction. There is emerging evidence that George W. Bush was behind the debacle and his team of wifi hackers and oil industry electronic technicians were successful in tapping in to his frequency and interfering with his ability to hear David Axelrod feed him answers.

Proof? Here is the story in the Washington Post in 2004 that uncovered Bush's expertise in electronic spy devices.

Bulge Under President's Coat in First Debate Stirs Speculation

By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, October 9, 2004; Page A16

A photograph that flew around the Internet this week shows a boxy bulge in the back of President Bush's suit coat during the first debate, leading to widespread cyber-speculation that he was wired to receive help with his answers.

Bush's aides tried to laugh off the controversy, with one official joking about "little green men on the grassy knoll."

Several officials, pressed for a serious answer, flatly denied that anything was fishy about the hump. These officials said they had checked and that there was nothing under Bush's jacket -- not a wire, not a transmitter, not a garage door opener. Bush was not wearing a protective vest, sources said.

The White House refused to provide an on-the-record comment, saying that it would dignify a baseless issue, and referred questions to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

"It is preposterous," campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said. He declined to elaborate or to suggest what could have produced the unusual photo.

Bush's aides said the suit was well-tailored and did not have a roll in back. One official, in a cheeky reference to a discredited story about Bush's National Guard record, suggested checking with document experts at CBS News to see if the photo had been doctored.

At the time, Karl Rove refused to address the issue and still refuses to explain the bulge in Bush's Suit raising further suspicion.

Experts also speculate that a loud thud that was heard during the Obama-Romney debate that caused both candidates to turn around was actually Karl Rove stumbling from his perch beyond the scaffolding of the debate floor backdrop. MSNBC sources have pointed out that Karl Rove was not seen in the audience and when he was spotted later in the proximity of the ultra right wing Fox News communications truck, he appeared nervous and was suspiciously close to a number of wires and electrical devices.

CNN photo analysts are studying photographic images of Romney's suit to discover the location of his listening device that allowed him to answer his questions so quickly and in such detail. There were several times when Jim Lehrer tried to stop Romney, but it appeared Romney was able to confuse the PBS moderator and take control of the microphone and sound system. Stephanie Cutter believes Romney was controlling the moderators microphone and with Bush's help and the sound technicians from Haliburton, they completely took control of the debate. Removing any doubt, analysts have noted, Jim Lehrer was the moderator of the Bush Kerry debate in 2004 and further, Kerry was the debate prep stand in for Romney.

White House Press Secretary would not confirm or deny the plot to comandeer the debate or if Bush's crack team of hackers left their finger prints on this operation, but he did say it's too early to speculate and he did not want to get ahead of the ongoing investigation. The FBI is expected to arrive at the University of Denver as soon as the debate site is safe for them to search for evidence.

We can expect the real Obama to be back and in true form for the next debate and for the bumbling caricature of Romney to return after Obama administration officials get to the bottom of this.

Dan Rather was quoted as having heard a man yelling, "What is the Frequency, Kenneth" from behind the stage.

An unnamed source told us, "If Jimmy Carter's grandson can dress up like a waiter and wire up a Republican candidate talking about the 47%, Halliburton and Rumsfeld can pull together enough old Nixon plumbers to make one last ride for their rich oil buddies".

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Willy17 said...

I agree. Something like this must have happened. Bush never liked Obama from the outset, and it was his fault Obama's four years were as bad as they were. Thanks for providing this compelling truth the world needs to know. Hopefully it gets out before Romney steals this election.