Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Circular Logic of Obama-ism

From the very beginning of Barack Obama's introduction to the American people, there have been weird responses and defenses to the usual responsible questions we use to vet our potential leaders. The strange thing is these strange circular responses continue now and when the responder is forced by logic to return to the beginning of the circle, they realize they are in an embarrassing box and their immediate reaction is an emotional attack from an undeserving victim.

Here are some examples.

Question: What experience and background does this man have to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth at one of the most dangerous and consequential times in our history?

Response: He stands for hope and change. He represents new ideas. He understands how badly the worst President in the history of the world has damaged our country and everybody agrees its time for change.

Question:But what specifically does he have that makes him the best choice out of 300 million people.

Response: Well, he ran a historic campaign in the primaries and nobody expected him to win.

Question:Why historic?

Response: He was running against the establishment. He was smart enough to prove everybody wrong and overcome the ignorance and opposition. His book the Audacity of Hope says it all. It all comes down to his unique narrative.

What exactly does that mean? Ignorant opposition and his "Unique Narrative"? I don't fully understand your euphemisms.

Response: You just don't get it. Its a new world. Get with the program.

Question: Its just confusing. You seem to be saying he is qualified for an office he is running for, simply because he runs for that office better than the expectations of some imaginary group.

Response: Are you a racist or something?

I'm sorry. I'll be quiet now.

Here is another line of thought or shall I say circle.

Question: Why is Obama claiming opposition to his foreign policy is immoral.

Response: The Syrians have chemical weapons and they used them on their own people. Do you have no shame?

Question: How do you know this and why does that make ME immoral?

Response: You just have to trust the President on WMD, he has intelligence reports. It would be immoral not to get involved in the civil war if millions will die by WMD.

Question: He claims 1000 have died by WMD if you trust his intel, yet he proposes no action based on the 120,000 others that have died by conventional means. No one has mentioned millions.

Response: If we don't act there could be a domino based on our failure to stand up for justice. What do you mean trust his intel? He is not some Cowboy Bush. He recognizes the mistake in bombing people in the mideast for dumb reasons like sketchy claims that they have WMD or that they associate with terrorists. Middle Eastern civil wars are their problem. This is the main reason Bush is the worst President ever and Obama would never do that. You should trust Obama because he doesn't lie about surveilance programs that spy on Americans and mainly because he cares about people and Bush only cared about making he and his secret oil buddies rich off the oil.

Question: Bush lives in a modest Suburban home in North Dallas and is nowhere as rich as Barack Obama who earned millions of dollars in office. Bush never got rich on oil from Iraq. Is that the basis of your saying that Bush waged war not because he cared, but for his own personal gain, but you know Obama does not pursue policies for his own benefit? Obama could have acted on the Chemical warfare reports in 2012, during the campaign in 2012, but he did not. Was that for his own personal benefit or because he cared more than Bush? That crucial delay allowed Al Qaeda to move in and fill a leadership void in the rebel opposition. Now he wants us to give weapons to Al Qaeda? I'm sure Bush would have been criticized for that?

Response: Part of Obama's advantage over his Democrat opponents in 2008 is he opposed the Iraq war early on. We warned the GOP if they did not pull out before the Surge and just let nature take its course, they would lose the confidence of the American people. Obama drove that point home and it proved the immorality of their party and why we are the good guys. What you don't understand is Obama's drone policy and other security measures are not the problem, it was a matter of whether you could trust the man who carried out those policies. America could not trust Bush and found out he was a bad if not the worst President and now they realize Obama is the best ever.

Question: So Obama is the best of 44 Presidents, because he opposed his predecessors policies, but its OK if he mimics those policies, because the policies themselves are not bad, just the trustworthiness of the leadership that follows those policies, yet the trustworthiness is based on the policies themselves? Now you are asking us to follow Obama in to Syria merely on trust and yet he is rewarding Iran with one on one dialogue with no preconditions, but won't speak to his own House of Representatives because he says they are terrorists for asking for a delay in Obamacare based solely on the concept that only a crazy person would claim that Obamacare shoud be delayed, yet he asked for a corporate delay and now his own party asks for one. How does that make sense?

Response: The GOP are concern trolls. They don't care. Obama asked for a delay to fix problems created by the ignorant opposition. The GOP know Obamacare will work and want to delay it to destroy it. They don't really think it will fail on its own.

Question: Don't you feel uncomfortable that Obama lied?

Response: He didn't lie. It's only a lie if you know its a lie. He assumed the American people were not so dumb that they would want to keep a sub standard plan. When he said you could keep your plan if you like it, but he just hasn't had the chance to explain why the plan you are being forced in to is better and that you will like it. You can keep the plan that you like and when he is done with you, you will like it. So thats not a lie. There are a lot of bad people that want to sabotage this great program and they are trying to make it not work. Its no surprise. He is a good person and the very fact that he is being accused of lying is proof that his ignorant opposition doesn't appreciate his unique narrative.

There is that unique Narrative again. What does that mean

It means we need to spy on Tea Partiers, use the IRS to inimidate people that don't vote right, shut down companies that fund Obama's opponents, censor Fox News and talk radio, disarm the populace, nationalize Catholic schools and make them pay for abortions, hide our inner workings whenever possible, threaten the press if they get to close to the truth, manipulate voting practices to ensure people who vote correctly get a first and second crack at the polling places and Crush the ignorant opposition wherever possible in order to force permanent and fundamental change in America forever, whether you like it or not. .. Oh, and also... you are a racist

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