Friday, November 22, 2013

Nancy Reagan's Seance answers Obama's call. Dutch Reagan is still watching over us. Thanks for asking

I was reading through a bunch of 5 year old articles professing the general theme that "Ronald Reagan is Dead once and for all, Finally". They all have a hilarious "Whistling past the graveyard" feel to them. One of them is almost pleading, "When will you just accept Reagan is Dead, ...Please!!!"

Here is one of the better ones:

And so, with a resounding, bone-rattling crash, the conservative era ends. Now the scattered and demoralized armies of the right will turn on each other with such ferocity it will make the brutal opening scene of Gladiator look like a slap fight at a slumber party. It's about to get mercenary in the woodshed.

Who lost conservatism? The first instinct among shell-shocked and infuriated partisans will be to blame anybody but their own faction for this historical repudiation.

I've been hearing these panicky liberals this week saying,"We promised America that Big government works, that we are smart enough to make it work and that it actually makes life better and costs less... and when people had their doubts, we said "scouts honor" ... just pass the bill and "Trust us". "This was our big show. Our Super Bowl. Obamacare was our showcase after half a century, we were going to prove to them that Liberalism works. We bet it all on one toss of the dice..."

Now this Albatross of Obamacare is proving Big Government solutions are inherently flawed. It's proving Obama's people are not as focused on being smart at government as they are at Chicago Way eliminitionist hit jobs. Obamacare is not making lives better it is tossing innocent Americans out on the street and endangering peoples lives. It is not lowering costs and in fact is a lead weight on the economy and more costly for all Americans today and into the future. And as far as trusting Obama and the Left to do what's right and be as transparent and honest as possible? Obama lied, he admits he lied and most of his allies admit he lied, because he was afraid we would not go along with his bonehead plan if he had been honest. In essence his entire Presidency from his first campaign promise to his recent non-apology has been a fraud based not on getting honest votes for honest promises, it has been lying to trick people in to voting for him based on lies about things he never intended to do. He is a fraud and a conman that wouldn't be in office if he had told the truth.

So everything Ronald Reagan told us about Liberals turned out to be true and the American people are looking for other times in our past history when a bumbling President was wallowing in a crappy economy and sending his envoys to Iran in hopes that more talk would fix it all up and make them play nice. Hmmm.

In 2008 in Obama's first press conference after the election he chose to make the widowed former First Lady Nancy Reagan the butt of a joke about seances and contacting the dead President. Five years later, Nancy Reagan called Barack Obama back today to let him know, Ronald Reagan received his call and wanted to leave the current President a message:

"Barack, This is Dutch Reagan. I'm not here right now, but just wanted you to know, my spirit is still watching over the American people and with your great example of failed big government boondoggles, like ObamaCare, Reaganism lives on forever and ever. George and Abe are up here with me watching you pray to get out of this mess and we all agree. Put your faith in the American people, the constitution, stop hatin' on people and remember, when you cheat at golf, you're only cheating yourself. Good luck with the whole Legacy thing."

So President Obama, next time you or Secretary Sebelius watch a computer screen go blank and say "The Obamacare System is not responding at this time" and it seems like there is a ghost in the machine, Listen carefully and you'll a warm voice say, "Well, There you go again".

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