Sunday, November 15, 2015

Could Obama be sitting on an HRC Indictment until the moment is right for Biden to ride in to save the party? Is Chauncy the Gardner next in line for the White House?

I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I'm starting to wonder about this one. Bear with me.

I thought Clinton 92 was the weirdest campaign possible, then came Obama 2008. You had the former first lady of an impeached criminal operation, a Senator from North Carolina who was actively dating his campaign staffer while his wife was dying of cancer and the National Enquirer was the only one covering it and doing so with very good evidence, and then Joe Biden the dunce.

Now this campaign with outsiders, Surgeons, Reality show personalities, Libertarians, Socialists, another Bush, and that First Lady again but this time on the verge of a criminal indictment,.... I am wondering if Kanye might actually be running next time, for real. But here is the what if....

Hillary is already starting to distance herself from Obama, and we know this woman scorned never forgives,... nor does the ego maniac Obama. Obama has no legacy, except an invented one. If Hillary starts running against Obama, which she will and Bill will also be running against Obama,... they have enough skeletons on Obama to destroy his legacy and Obama may actually believe, with good reason, that she will wipe clean a lot of his pet projects. If Hillary's criminality begins to trickle out and the drip drip begins to draw bad poll numbers for Obama and damage his legacy,.... why would he care if Biden suceeds him or Hillary. It seems obvious he would prefer a weak ideological Biden over a vindictive ideologue like the Clintons AND all the Clinton Mafia like Sid Vicious and the game who will sweep Obama's pets away.

Biden has no army, he would rely on Valerie Jarret and the other Obamaites. All that being said, is it possible that Biden,... who has wanted to be President more than any Democrat since the 1970s, even more than Dick Gephardt did... who can explain his sitting this out (with Obama standing by his side).

I think its possible Obama sees too much dirt on Hillary, even more than we know and he is waiting with a sword of Damocles over her head, so they run Bernie and Omalley out of town, then trickle out the indictment....reluctantly,...with leaks etc... until she is washed out and Biden is the white knight for Obama and the party.

Yes, this would be weird, but we live in weird times and we know Obama is not the only Democrat that thinks Hillary could damage a lot of Democrats,... Obama being the most powerful of those.

I see this as a very real possibility. There are plenty of MSM folks and Deep State Lefties that would shrug and latch on to it if the gauntlet was thrown down. This could be the equivalent of the biggest plea bargain to avoid jail time, we have ever seen (or not seen - behind closed doors). Rudy Guiliani said this week, He has worked as a prosecutor extensively with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and if Loretta Lynch was handed compelling evidence, it is very likely she would break with the party if need be, and imagine if Obama was the one handing her that evidence. Hillary would be cut loose. Many insiders are saying the amount of resources within the FBI being dedicated to the Hillary matter appears to be a full on investigation. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Chauncy the gardener could be our next President....really!!

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