Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Barack Obama is John Doe Number 2

The national angst that accompanies massive acts of violence in America manifests itself in a number of ways. In Dallas, the search for a grand theme or conspiracy lead people to search for the man in the grassy knoll. In Oklahoma, they posted drawings of John Doe #2. In Tucson last year it was Sarah Palin that caused the killings to occur. No one in the mainstream media blinks at such a stretch of an accusation. Had someone said such a thing about Obama they would be audited and arrested.

In the past week we have seen the Aurora theatre shooting go from a so called unifying event that should never be used to advance anyone's political agenda to a catch all canvas for Liberal grandstanding using the victims and their families as props.

It started with Brian Ross blaming the deaths on the Tea Party. Then after a few timid forays in to the obligatory Columbine gun control sales pitch by lefty politicians became an avalanche of sermons on weapons and laws they know nothing about. On Friday, Washington Week in Review had a whole panel of pundits nodding in unison as a Manhattanite in a designer dress explained that the "Semi-Automatic" type weapons are the problem. That would include most firearms and all non-revolver handguns. She clearly didn't have any idea what she was saying and her chorus of bobble heads were applauding her emotional plea to "Do Something, Do Anything", regardless of the rationality of the statement.

Now that the city is crawling with upwardly mobile cub reporters with no compelling backdrop, they are now scrambling through the halls of the hospitals to get interviews from victims and their families. Yesterday was the beginning of the "He's in ICU, but has no Health Insurance" story lines.

So the left has a hammer and every problem in this battleground state looks like a nail.

So what is their theme? It seems to be... If Liberals had not had their programs blocked by Conservatives, this would have never happened.

James Holmes is a mad man. He may not be insane, but he is a mad man. Those on the left often feel uncomfortable hearing this, but James Holmes is evil. Evil is hard to legislate against. It is hard to fund an anti-evil program. They enjoy creating faux evil strawmen, like Tea Partiers, gun owners and opponents of Obamacare, but true evil? That befuddles them.

Just like the Villains in the Dark Knight series, these are people who can't be bought or reasoned with. As Alfred explains in a Parable about evil, "Some men just want to watch the world burn”. This was the challenge Batman faced. This was the challenge America faced on Sept 12, 2001 and the challenge George W. Bush confronted and pursued. It is also the challenge that many on the left would prefer to walk away from or exploit for their own personal gains.

When John Kerry lamented that we may get back to the day when Terror attacks will be no more than a nuisance or a distraction, like prostitution or other minor crimes. Obama has also tried to redefine the GWOT into something we can live with,...as long as the "we" is cloistered in an ivory tower and not flying coach with a panty bomber or any number of other terror plots in the last 4 years.

Obama recently tried to shame the business community as being ungrateful for all the help they have received from Big Government. "You didn't build that!!" I really don't care about the silly meme that his context was referring to businesses not building highways. The entire context and tone was clear.

Who do you think you are? You ungrateful private sector leeches that prance around vainly proclaiming your liberty and lack of dependence on Big Brother. You should be ashamed of yourself after all we've given you, so let me catalogue the gifts the New Deal and Great Society have given you. There! So now that I have set you straight that roads and bridges are here to help you and is in no way a scam to fund unions to put in new and unnecessary curbs and sidewalks so they can skim the profits and return the profits to my campaign fund. And Oh by the way, if this sales pitch sounds surprisingly identical to my failed Keynesian "Stimulus" Package,..we will no longer use the word stimulus or stimulate during the upcoming campaign months. You are too dumb and ungrateful to know how helpful my policies are, so this is what is called "Effective storytelling". So clap, faint or shut up
He erroneously claimed Big government built the internet so businesses could use it to make money. That is false on so many levels. But that doesn't matter. His argument is that if the overly intrusive government has touched you in any way, you are expected to throw yourself at his feet and weep with humility. If his Big government can fix anything with your tax dollars, is there ever a mistake that can be caused by his largess.

Let's look at the shooter, James Holmes. He has clearly been planning this evil attack for months. Those in the media that ponder how easy it was for him to get a stamp of approval by gun dealers upon doing his background check seem to be arguing that the current regulatory rules are faulty. Yet, these are the rules the left claimed would solve everything. So if you buy in to their argument that there always needs to be more, then the NRA is proven right and that is that if a single mass shooting occurs, the left will always plead for more until guns are completely gone.

But what about the question if he received help. Was their a grassy knoll or a helper? Many have wondered how he could arm himself so effectively and where did he get the money to go on a $14,000 shopping spree to purchase his arsenal. We know now.

Barack Obama is John Doe #2.

According to CBS News, Holmes funded his rampage with a Federal Grant from the NIH in the Dept. of Health and Human services:

WNEW News reports that Holmes was awarded a prestigious grant from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. NIH is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

It gave the graduate student a $26,000 stipend and paid his tuition for the highly competitive neuroscience program at the University of Colorado in Denver. Holmes was one of six neuroscience students at the school to get the grant money.

Let's see if the media doggedly follows the money on this one. I'm guessing the trail will be about as crowded with reporters as the anti-gun media was fighting to get the Fast and Furious story out.

Before this broke, the media was right to ponder how he got enough money to wage this war. They may have wondered if he robbed banks or if his parents could be considered accomplices. They would have had to question what he was going to do with the money.

So then why not ask the same questions here. How did Holmes get by the NIH screeners. How did he pass the background check of Obama's money givers. If he was so bonkers that the gun dealers could be denigrated for not catching it in the process of a routine business transaction (Which some actually did), then how did Obama's HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius not have a screening process that would know whether they are handing over $26 grand to a completely mad as a hatter monster.

If you are a mass murderer and think you did this on your own, You didn't build that! Someone helped you.

What many Liberals don't understand about evil is that the monsters are watching us so much closer than the left are willing to accept. They stalk us and adapt to what ever "disincentives" we place in their paths. The Liberal mindset is one of vanity that we can fix everything with the ideas of the anointed ones. So when evil monsters study the rules carefully and then adjust themselves to evade the obstacles to succeed, they find this hard to accept. It must be we are lazy in our law writing habit, so write more rules. The Audacity of the enemies of the left to not lay down and accept their perfect legislation.

James Holmes might be a genius. He might be an evil genius. He is surprisingly similar to the types of characters that make up the villains in Batman story lines. They are truly evil. They adopt an alternative persona. They don a costume, in this case Holmes dyed his hair and dressed up as a cross between Bane and the Joker. A lot of attention has been focused on the character of the Joker in the second movie of the trilogy, the Dark Knight. Let's consider a villain from the first movie, Batman Begins. Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane)was a genius. He was a scientist that specialized in Neuroscience like Holmes. He studied those with mental disorders, but carefully disguised his complete lack of empathy for the patients at the Asylum. They were his lab rats. He was a Josef Mengele. He was a Megalomaniac with severe hatred of the human race. He had delusions of grandeur.

Dr. Jonathan Crane was a corrupt, sadistic psychiatrist specializing in psycho-pharmacology at Arkham Asylum. Crane was secretly allied with Ra's al Ghul and Carmine Falcone, smuggling the former's hallucinogenic drugs into Gotham to create fear gas to use upon his patients in cruel experiments. Crane testified in court that Victor Zsaz, one of Falcone's assassins, was legally insane and should be moved to Arkham for rehabilitation. This enraged Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes, who later accused him of being corrupt.

He worked for the government and used the system to exploit others and gain personally.

Holmes bio says his Politics are "Middle of the road", so Brian Ross' attempt to classify him as a Violent Republican murderer doesn't quite fit. His attack would be classified as a terrorist attack for every other reason except for the fact, he has no stated political or Religious objective to achieve. In this regard, he is similar to the Joker that he considers himself an "agent of chaos".

And that is often the case. Even when these mad men claim an ideology, it is confused and incomprehensible. When the left tries to shoe horn bizarre acts of madness in to their worn out Lefty playbook, it nearly always fails and often confuses the issue to the point of making the matter worse. This is the 6th day and they are still breaking in to regular broadcasting with Special Reports and Dateline Specials, but the more deadly Fort Hood Shooting which did not fit their playbook and in fact created a stumbling block for Obama's desire to de-emphasize terrorism was met with "Let's not jump to conclusions" or "Details will continue to trickle in as we wait for Obama's internal investigation to come to light". The story was back filled, buried and to this day they are still claiming to not know whether he had connections to Al Qaeda, which is ludicrous to the point of Trutherism.

So if Big Government pervades everything it should carry some responsibility for things that it touches. If the tea party is the one stop shop for blameworthiness for any conceivable act of violence, when in fact, of the millions of participants, not a single significant act of violence has ever been linked to the grannies in sneakers and mothers with strollers that attended those anti-deficit rallies. Unlike the Crime infested Occupy movement our President backed. If the Tea Party gets blamed that easy, why shouldn't Obama bear responsibility for funding the violence in Aurora.

As I said earlier, isn't it ironic how the gun control people that are letting their freak flag fly this week are the ones that blame easy access to cheap guns as being the problem, not the motives of individuals. Here we have a mad man who didn't have a financial impediment to cheap guns, because Obama gave money to a mad man. Are we to argue for Education reform in the loose standards by which the Government sends your hard earned tax dollars to Universities with little or no care for its usefulness or consequence?

And last week with Fast and Furious, the same anti-gun people who are using the same "guns kill people" argument had no interest in another story where Obama funded the gun buying habit of some of the bloodiest killers on earth this side of Al Qaeda and that is the Drug Cartels of Northern Mexico. In that situation although Obama was funding the program, the increased ease of access was the key factor, but like the James Holmes situation, the lack of discretion and oversight of the program was obvious in the fact that in both cases mad men killed innocent Americans and the media turned away. It was not until the history making spectacle of having the Attorney General, the top law enforcement officer in the nation next to Obama himself was found in contempt of congress. A crime so serious it was listed as one of the articles of impeachment for Richard Nixon. For the media.... it earned a 4 sentence after thought delivered late in the broadcast. In several cases it was accompanied with remarks about the partisan nature of Washington. Really?

Don't expect anyone to confront the Anti-Gun people on this disconnect. Nor does anyone really notice that Obama siphoned mountains of Stimulus money to his home town and helped get his Gangster pal Rahm Emanuel in the Mayors office and the city is a massive Fallujah of murder and mayhem. Three times as many people were murdered last weekend in Chicago than were killed in Aurora.

So to the concern trolls of the media that are preaching to outlaw "semi-automatic" firearms because of their plea that we commoners sympathize with the Aurora victims as much as they (the Anointed) do, I wish someone would ask them why those in the ivory towers don't sympathize with Bryan Terry, Chicago or Fort Hood the way we do.

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