Thursday, March 5, 2009

Send a "get well" card to Barbara Bush

Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, 83, had Heart Surgery yesterday. I met Mrs. "41" many years ago, before she was first lady, and I can honestly say, she was the warmest, most genuine, friendliest woman I have ever met in politics. After reading her book, you realize that she has not lived her life as a leisure seeking socialite. She has been a gritty, hard working woman, who adapted to a rough west Texas environment in a modest home where she raised a large family on her own. She traveled the world at a young age acting as diplomatic support and personal confidante to one of the most experienced and well traveled men ever to hold the office of Vice President or President. And she still had time to raise incredible children, two of which became governors and an eventual President.

This is an incredible American hero, and in the list of impressive women in our history that have served as first lady, she is one of the greatest of them all.

If you would like to offer a "get well" message to Barbara Bush, or well wishes to the Bush family for all they have done for us, here is the address to write:

Yes, there is an "official" channel to contact former President Bush
and his Barbara. It is:

The Honorable George Bush
10000 Memorial Drive, Ste. 900
Houston TX 77024
tel: 1-713-686-1188
fax: 1-713-683-0801

US Navy:

US Embasy London

The former first lady uses the same contact information:

Barbara Bush (and Millie)
10000 Memorial Dr., Suite 900
Houston, TX 77024

Author Mailing Addresses

You can use the above address with a service like Postful to use email that will be converted into a "mailed" postcard.

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