Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Outside the Butt bubble" will now be known as the crosswalk

We have seen how Obama throws his friends and allies under the bus, so how do we describe the rest of the world that has not been thrown under the bus?

Read here about Gibbs new assault on private citizens, as well as the Politico article.

There are those that are on the sidewalk, which is people that wrongly think they are safely out of the path of the steel wheels of the Obama bus.

There are those, especially in the media that know that anybody can be in the path of the bus, so they buy a ticket to get in the back of the bus.

There is the gang that is helping to drive the bus, in the front of the bus, like Rahm Emanuel, and his kitchen cabinet, James Carville, Stan Greenberg, Paul Begala, George Stephanopolous, and Robert Gibbs.

Then there is the Driver of the Bus, Obama himself.

So if you are a current or soon to be target of the Bus, like Rush Limbaugh, Jim Cramer, or Rick Santelli, who have already been targeted or those soon to be Lou Dobbs or Jake Tapper, then you are officially in the "Crosswalk".

The phrase "butt bubble" is Rush's description of the "butt boys" in the media who have chucked all pretense of impartiality and are hopping on the back of the bus begging to be let in.

Thus begins the era of bipartisanship ushered in by the great unifier.

Here is what Obama sees:

Here is what the people see:

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