Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Inherited what?...Don't let them get away with this

One thing I can say about the Democrats, they are disciplined about their talking points.

The latest one is if you are speaking to anyone about anything, intersperse every third sentence with,...."The Deficit that Obama inherited”. You can get away with,.."The Debt that Obama inherited”...or the old standby “The Economic crisis that Obama inherited”.

Now if we want to behave like Republicans of the past, we can just shrug and say, Oh let them have their fun. Why start an argument, We’ll look like obstructionist.

Let’s get something straight. Obama is lying and the Democrats are responsible.

For starters if Bush is to blame for an innocent Obama being saddled with debt, we can assume that Obama would have stopped the debt increase had he been given the chance and he obviously would stop bad, bad debt now. Yet he did not and is not.

Who was that Democrat candidate that raced to Washington in September to ride point on the Democrat congress’ TARP bill, that was initially defeated by the Republicans. That was Barack Obama. He voted for this debt. Had he told his party to hold off, they would have. He told us the money was all going to be used to buy bad assets that would go up and provide us with a profit that he would pay us back. He lied.

Did he try to fix that mistake or did he choose to run up more debt once given the chance to stop bad, bad debt. He criticized Bush’s debt and then successfully outdid every porkladen deficit monster of all time. Then within 48 hours he returned to the scene of the crime and again blamed Bush for creating Deficits “against Obama’s will” and Obama promised to cut them in half. I suppose that means the spending bills will stop now right? Not a chance in hell. This guy has Chutzpah upon Chutzpah.

Charles Krauthammer pointed out that he said last night, there were no ear marks in the stimulus package last week and next years budget will have no earmarks. He didn’t mention that this weeks budget will have NINE THOUSAND earmarks!!! Chutzpah!!!

If you have any doubt that this is the Democrat financial meltdown and very much Obama’s meltdown, read Red State’s top ten lies from last night and the accompanying piece on Obama and his intimate relationship with the meltdown from its early days:

Here is Stanley Kurts describing Obama’s early ties to the Meltdown:

And don’t forget the wannabe Community Organizer in Chief Barack Obama:

ACORN attracted Barack Obama in his youthful community organizing days. Madeline Talbott hired him to train her staff — the very people who would later descend on Chicago’s banks as CRA shakedown artists. The Democratic nominee later funneled money to the group through the Woods Fund, on whose board he sat, and through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, ditto. Obama was not just sympathetic — he was an ACORN fellow traveler.

The possibility of a financial meltdown was foreseen in advance. Senator McCain co-sponsored legislation to impose bank-like regulation on Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac. That legislation, which could have prevented the current crisis, was killed by the Democrats.

As I wrote over the weekend, the Democrats tried to reward ACORN by providing the organization a portion of whatever profits were to be made in the rejected big bailout. That giveaway to the community organizers was only removed after Senator McCain was able to get Republicans a seat at the negotiations for the big bailout.

And Finally, as the Democrats point blame fingers at others over the rejection of the big bailout, don’t forget that the Democrats control Congress. As my RedState colleague, Mark Impomeni, explained there are more than enough Democrats in the House to pass any bill Speaker Pelosi really wants to pass. But she can’t get it done if she orders her Whip not to do his job.

If you haven’t watched theFannie Freddie video since the campaign, watch it again in the new context of the clean up. Astonishing.

It should be noted that the Regulator by the name of Falco, that is being chewed out was a Clinton Appointee who was once not as concerned about FM/FM, but rightly saw the writing on the wall, knew he was going to take a lot of heat and blew the whistle. This gang beat down he is getting is the result of his coming forward.

First watch this video of Stanly Kurtz explaining Obama’s ties to ACORN, and thus the financial crisis that is destroying the economy. (Inherit my eye!):

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