Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowball Express with the Military families and the kids

My family and I just spent an incredible week experiencing one of the most meaningful Christmas events we have ever seen. We were in Anaheim, California with a group of volunteers helping a group of about 2000 Military families of fallen soldiers.

Snowball Express enjoys contributions such as Planes to fly the Widows and their children and parties at Disneyland and Universal Studios. We had the chance to meet some incredible people. We had dinner with some of the most courageous mothers I have ever seen before caring for their children that for some are experiencing their first Christmas of many without a father.

Every moment that we take for granted had increased meaning. Every dinner that opened with the color guard and national anthem, reminded you as you looked out over a room of mothers and children with hands on their heart as they sang proudly, this is a room full of heroic women carrying upon their shoulders the weight of free peoples everywhere. Everytime they sang I'll be home for Christmas, I looked at my family as they sang along. Every time the Chaplain gave a prayer of thanks, I saw the small children bow their heads alongside their mothers and thought about the true meaning of Christmas.

Everyone of us that has been blessed to live in this country should know that these mothers and children had a lot of laughter and Christmas gifts this week to make them feel special. Luke Walton of the Lakers showed up as did some generous entertainers. Many of whom gave their time quietly and without fanfare. My son had the chance to meet Gary Sinise and he couldn't have been a nicer guy. The mothers adored him. What a national treasure. My son also met Mike Thornton, a Medal of Honor winner. Later my young son turned to me and said, having a father is something that lasts forever.

This week may have been the best Christmas gift I've ever had. God bless us all.

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