Friday, September 26, 2008

Two Economic Freight trains coming at us, Credit and Fuel

We have two economic freight trains that have been coming at us for years. How ever you want to argue the Dems or Republicans steered the titanic as it went down, the fact is the original course was set years ago by the Democrats to get EVERYBODY into a home with a mortgage. Nice sentiment, but welcome to the darkside of good intentions.

The other freight train is what was once called an "Oil shortage" in the 70s. They don't even want to call it an "energy crisis" in the media for fear that Americans will want to solve it by increasing the supply of energy. But let's face it, you can call it an "oil shortage", but more generally it is an "energy shortage".

The media is trying to convince us it is a demand problem. We demand too much. Even Bush played along to a certain extent by using their phrase "addiction". Addiction means you consume in an irrational manner, greedily, lustfully, more than is necessary.

That's BS. The price doubled since the Dems took over and the rising prices are hurting the economy across the board, and driving has decreased somewhat, but if people were actually frivolous in their consumption, we would see a massive drop. But we don't.

It went unnoticed in the shadow of the $700 Billion dollar bailout of the financial industry, thanks to the "Give big houses to people with credit cards" policy, but the House passed a $25 Billion dollar bailout of Carmakers today.

The Democrats have been demonizing the internal combustion engine for years, they have cheered for high priced gas, they claim we are spoiled, because the Euro-peons pay twice what we do. Now high price fuel is here and Detroit is falling apart because those gas consuming mobiles cost money to operate. Try to sell a Truck with $5 gas.

So they wanted a house for everybody and an end to fossil fuel consuming machines. Who was it last year that admitted they wanted high gas , just not so quickly? Obama?

Well, here it is and Michigan is suffering. We are all suffering. Al Gore announced today we need to go strap ourselves to a Coal processor. So the tax payers have to pay $25 billion, which up until last week was a frickin lots of Doe, because Obama and his gang don't wan't to increase the supply of energy, they wan't to decrease demand.

And don't tell me they want people to consume as much energy as they are consuming now, just make it clean. Thats a load of crap. They want everyone to consume less of everything. As Obama has said, smaller footprint, smaller houses, smaller families, smaller jobs at smaller companies, but BIG government.

If you had any doubt,India is putting out a two cylinder car, the TATO NANO that will have Excellent MPG, low fuel emissions and here is the kicker, IT'S CHEAP! $2500.

The Eco-warriors will love it right? Everybody in the world holds hands and drives a low emission low fuel consumption vehicle. NOPE! The Eco-catastrophists are claiming this is the end of the world. Cheap cars, even if they are clean will cause people that don't now have cars to go out and get one.

Now we might have liberal treehuggers flying off to exotic eco locations in their Jetplane Holidays, but we can't have exotic people's in far away lands wanting to drive cars like us, now can we? The Guardian today tells of "Greenies" being more likely than most to burn more carbon in their Eco-Holidays than their common non-Green neighbors. In fact when asked, they claim they have earned their eco-credits by being such religious recyclers.

This is not about clean, its not about consume same, but cleaner, its irrational Luddite religiousity wrapped in the Liberal brain. We need to start calling this what it is, an Energy Shortage. The solution is more energy. If they want to play with windmill powered cars and stuff fine, but we can't fight an energy shortage with one arm tied behind our backs. We need to produce more energy, because those Billions of people over their that the Hippies are afraid will be driving soon, will be commuting, then filling up. That means less energy to go around. We need more energy.

Everybody now claims they knew the mortgage crisis was coming. So if everybody knew, I suppose it would have been a unanimous bill to pass a few years ago.

Well, We all know Fuel prices are going to go up. If not now, then in May when the Summer blends come around and people drive more, the price will go up, and we will have done nothing. The Drilling we talk about now, could at least be under way. And I still have yet to hear a muffled cogent response to Nuclear.

Instead of complaining about the train we missed, how about the one that is still coming at us. $25 Billion??? Does that not piss anybody off?

And to clinch the thing, Ahmedinijahd is walking around lower Manhatten, not far from ground zero, laughing at us and claiming the US is in the midst of collapse, and you know, it's hard to put up a decent argument against him. What do we tell him, "Umm, we are having a bit of a family fight, our liberal brothers are trying to destroy us by bringing back the New Deal, by recreating the great depression". If Hitler could have attacked us in 1930, it might have turned out different.

At this rate, No mortgage, No House, No Car, No Auto company Job, No Retirement fund,....maybe we can take one of those exotic eco-trips to see how people live close to nature,....make it a one way ticket.

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